Chapter 28

  • Kennedy addresses Civil Rights

    Kennedy addresses Civil Rights
    • United States had ruled segregation was illegal -Had telephoned Martin Luther King Jr.s wife while he was in jail -He was more concerned with other issues during his presidency
  • Attack on the alabam Freedom Riders

    Attack on the alabam Freedom Riders
    • Church attack by the KKK -Bus for crippled people was fire bombed
    • They wanted to burn the people to death inside the bus
  • New Frontier Speech

    New Frontier Speech
    • Described Kennedy's views on progress
    • Called on America to go back to their colonial roots
    • Conquer racism and prejudice.
  • Houston Minister Conference

    Houston Minister Conference
    • J.F.K. talks about his beliefs in separation between Church and State -People who can not afford to pay bills -Says he hopes intolerence of religion will end
  • J.F.K. debate Richard Nixon on T.V.

    J.F.K. debate Richard Nixon on T.V.
    • Kennedy puts Americans at ease by telling them he may be Catholic, but he won't let that interfere with his policys. -Nixon had agreed so that he could show the public he was better at speaking and more knowlegable
    • Kennedy won the debate in the eyes of the public
  • Cuban Missile Crises

    Cuban Missile Crises
    • Eisenhower had cut off trade with Cuba after the election of Fidel Castro
    • Castro was relying on the Soviets
    • 10% of Cuban population moved to Florida
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    • Mission intention: Overthrow Castro -Mission was a failure, no airstrike
    • Kennedy took all the responsibility himself
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    • Germany divided into Communist East, and Democratic West
    • Soviets wanted a wall to separate because people kept running away
    • Berlin Wall was a way to keep the peace
  • J.F.K. dead

    J.F.K. dead
    • Was on a politcal trip in Texas
    • Allegedly shot by Lee Harvey Oswald
    • Still, no one is quite sure if Oswald acted alone
  • J.F.K. wins election

    J.F.K. wins election
    • Kenndy barely won
    • New style in the White House
    • The press loved him