Italy king incontro di teano fra garibaldi e vittorio emanuele ii

Chapter 25.1 Unification of Italy Alex Mazza

  • Young Italy

    Young Italy
    A nationalist named Giuseppe Mazzini started the young italy group. The young italy group was a group of italian patriots who wanted Italy to be a free independent country. The wanted a republic in Italy instead of a pope or king.
  • Liberals and Nationalists

    Liberals and Nationalists
    The Liberals and nationalists led revolts in several italian states. they had overthrown The austrian rule in Lombardy and Venetia and they were able to force some rulers in an agreement to the constitutions. By 1849 austria recaptured some of it's possesions and power was being restored to the monarchs, the italian librals had very little success and conservative elements were being issued by the pope.
  • Napoleon III

    Napoleon III
    Napoleon III wanted to drive the austrians out of Italy so the French can have control of the italian states. Napoleon and Cavour plotted against Austria, they were able to provoke Austria in going into war with Sardinia, France would send troops to help, as a result Cavour gave Naploeon the reigons of Nice and Savoy.
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi
    Giuseppe Garibaldi was a man who was devoted to Italian Freedom. With an army of 1000 men he was able to overthrow the capital city of Naples and was able to drive King Francis II and his troops outand he captured Sicily. He became a hero within and outside of italy. His troops were known as red shirts.
  • Italy is unified..........for a while

    Italy is unified..........for a while
    In 1870 The citizens of Rome voted to become a part of Italy, it was an overwhelming vote, the unification was complete and Rome became the new capital of Italy. Italy still faced problems, very few italians had experience of self-goverment, tensions were occuring between the north and south, they had different cultural traditions. The italians had housing and labor issues.