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Chapter 25.1 The Unification of Italy Matt Spalding

  • Revolts in Italy

    Revolts in Italy
    Liberals and Nationalists started to revolt. They overthrew the Austrain government and forced some leaders in other states to make constitutions. The Italians put in a Republic government instead.
  • Peace Conference

    Peace Conference
    Cavour strengthened and reorganized his Sardianian army. He improved trade and railroads and built new banks and factories. Cavour reduced his political power over the church and then he improved his political influence by joining France and Great Britian in the Crimean War. Then he participated in the peace conference to end the war.
  • Cavour Starts War

    Cavour Starts War
    Cavour started to prepare for war against Austria. Then he declared war on them and the Austrains declined war just as Cavour had hoped. Sardinian and French forced drove out Austrians men in Lombardy and headed for Venetia. Italian patriots in Tuscany, Modena, and Parma overthrew Austrian rulers and asked to be added on to the kingdom of Sradiana.
  • Garbaldi Fights

    Garbaldi Fights
    Garibaldi gathers an army of more than 1000 men known as the "Expedition of the Thousand" and takes over Sicily. Then Garbaldi took over Naples which was the capital city. They drove King Francis II and his men to the north by the border of the Papal States.Garibaldi became a hero inside and out of Italy. Garibaldi was planning to keep going on with his military and capture Rome and Venetia but Cavour stopped him thinking that Garibaldi could displace Victor Emmanuel II as Italy's leader.
  • Rome Votes

    Rome Votes
    In 1870 Rome voted for union with Italy. The Next year they were made the capital of Italy. Even though Italy was politically together, they still had many problems on their hands. Not many Italians had experiance with self-government.
  • Italys Problems in Unifying

    Italys Problems in Unifying
    Many regions of the countrys remained seperated by cultural beliefs and tension grew between north that was industrialized and south that was agricultural. Also most Italians had bad living conditions and labor problems started.