chapter 16

  • confederate guns opened fire on fort sumter

  • all the troops arrived

  • War in Virginia

    lincoln ordered General Irvin Mcdowell to lead his 35000 man army from the Union capitial
  • Fort sumter

    federaal outpost in charleston south carolinia that was attacked by confederate troops
  • U.S sanitary commissions formed by Lincoln

  • struggle of the war

    got attcked by cherokee
  • battle of shlioh

    Union army gained greater control of the mississippi river
  • Battles or Virginia

    Mclellan force poised outside richmond
  • seven days battle

    Forced the union army to retreat near Richmond
  • battle of antietam

    40000 confedertae soldiers behan crossing into maryland
  • battle of antietam

    the battle lasted for hours
  • battles in virginia

    Mclellan launched ab effort to capture Richmond called the Peninsular campaign
  • emancipation proclamition

    order to free confederate slaves
  • lee cut across northern maryland

  • lincoln suggested awrarding african americans