Chapter 12

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    Chapter 12

  • Massive Revival

    Massive Revival
    A crowd of fifty thousand gathered at Cainridge, Kentucky.
  • American Bible Society

    American Bible Society
    The American Bible Society distributed of 140,000 bibles.
  • Finney;s Revivals

    Finney;s Revivals
    Finney conducted a series of successfull revivals of religion in New York.
  • ATS

    The American Temperance Society was founded, which made members take a pledge to abstain from drinking distilled beverages.
  • Disagreement

    An Evengelical sumit meeting between Beecher and Finney failed to reach and agreement.
  • Evangelized

    Charles Finney evangelized Rochester, New York.
  • Asylums

    In New York a young clergyman published a report of ten thousand prostitutes in the city, this lead to asylums for abandoned women.
  • Abolition

    Abolitionists found American Anti-Slavery Society. Was an abolitionist society founded by William Lloyd Garrison and Arthur Tappan.
  • American Anti Slavery Society

    American Anti Slavery Society
    Bombarded congress with petitions, mostly calling for the abolition of slavery in DC.
  • Abolition in Ohio and upstate NY

    Abolition in Ohio and upstate NY
    Theadore Weld advocates abolition in upstate NY, and Ohio.
  • ATS splits.

    ATS splits.
    ATS splits into smaller groups.
  • Horace Mann

    Horace Mann
    Horace convinced the legislature to enact a state board of education.
  • Elijah Lovejoy killed

    Elijah Lovejoy killed
    Abolitionists editor Elijah Lovejoy killed by a pro slavery mob.
  • Again Anti slavery

    Again Anti slavery
    Bombarded congress with petitions, mostly calling for the abolition of slavery in DC.
  • Withdraw

    Garrison's American followers withdrew because they didnt accept women.
  • Anti Slavery Society Splits

    Anti Slavery Society Splits
    The American Anit slavery society splits over womens rights and other issues.
  • Transcendentalists

    Transcendentalists organize a model comunity at Brook Farm.
  • Womens rights.

    Womens rights.
    Feminists gather at Senica Falls, NY, and found the womens rights movement.
  • Oneida Community

    Oneida Community
    was established in Oneida New York, and was inspired by an unorthadox brand of Christian perfectionalism.
  • Walden

    Henrey David Thoreau's Walden was publish.