Changes in technology and their affect on infortmation gathered in different types of media.

  • Period: Jan 1, 1439 to

    Changes in technology and the effect of information gathered in different types of media.

  • Dec 13, 1439

    Invention of the printing press

    Invention of the printing press
    This was allowered for mass production of documents, enabling ideas to be spread in this time most people can't read.
  • The first journal was published

    The Journal was published by scientists and engineers. The reason for it being publicised was to share ideas and advance science.
  • Furst magazine published

    Furst magazine published
    The general interest of that time showed that more people can read. However the majority still can't. They printed the magazine to improve the technology on monthly printing.
  • First newspaper in the UK

    First newspaper in the UK
    Advanced technology that allows daily printing. People are now up to date on the events that happen reletivly close to the time. Speeding up events and also created supporters.
  • First telephone, for business only.

    First telephone, for business only.
    People were now able to communicate even when long distance.
  • Home phones now available

    Home phones now available
    If the public were able to afford it, they were able to purchace a telephone to publicly communicate.
  • First BBC Radio broadcast

    First BBC Radio broadcast
    This type of broadcasting is owned by the government. Was the 1st mass media transmitted directly to peoples homes. Millions were baught.
  • First BBC Broadcast television in the UK

    First BBC Broadcast television in the UK
    This is one of the most powerful forms of Media, due to the fact that it's potentially the quickest type and you're able to share opinions. New role of TV news reporter's. There are approx. 24 million TV's used today.
  • Internet

    The internet was invented by the US military so that if one base was destroyed the others could still communicate together.
  • Cable TV, widley available in the UK

    Cable TV, widley available in the UK
    Allows for the transmission of hundreds of channels, It also has laid the foundation for broadband.
  • Sateltite in the UK

    Sateltite in the UK
    This has grown since 1984, there are now even more channels available and also allows for importing live and direct from the scene of events straight to the television.
  • First text message sent.

    First text message sent.
    Text messaging is the most quickest and popular method of communication. A stagerring 1 billion texts are sent per week!
  • First public available world wide web

    You were limited when the internet first came into play. You were only able to search for info and buy things.
  • First mobile in the UK

    First mobile in the UK
    The first mobile was mainly targeted at the business market and those who could afford as they did cost £2,000. They weighed 1kg!! And only had a maximum of half an hour talk time...
  • 3G mobile

    3G mobile
    Allows recording of images and film.
    Everyone has the facilities to be a reporter, ebleing them to send and recieve photos and videos.
  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0
    By this year the internet has expanded and grown and has then come all about social networking sites.
  • 4G Mobiles available

    4G Mobiles available
    High speed internet was now availble on the majority of phones.
  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0
    This introduced the whole networking to social networks. The First ones mainly being Bebo and MySpace.