Changes In Amazonians Appearance Over time

  • 510 BCE

    510-500 BC

    510-500 BC
    A helmeted Amazon with her sword and a shield bearing the head of a Gorgon on an Attic red-figure kylix. She is dressed in flowy armour.
  • 500 BCE

    500 BC

    500 BC
    Three Amazons on a black-figure lekythos. They are faceless people who look like more a figure and shadow of a person then a unique individual.
  • 500 BCE

    500 BC

    500 BC
    Seen in flowy armour, shield and a spear. Her hair is held underneath her helmet. She is seen in battle fighting the greeks
  • 200 BCE

    200 BC

    200 BC
    The Amazonian is being seen weaker here and being held by a man. She is seen almost defeated. She looks like she is about to be slain.
  • 100 BCE

    100-200 BC

    100-200 BC
    She is seen equal with a man and riding her horse. She is holding a axe and isn't wearing any protection
  • 100 BCE

    100-200 BC

    100-200 BC
    This is a statue of a Amazonian women, she is being shown as a hero and in her prime time. She is shown not in battle but when she is clean and dressed up.
  • 1848

    First women's rights convention in New york
  • 1900

    They are seen over top of a body of a man. One is on a horse and the other is on foot. They are perceived in this illustration as strong powerful women. They look fearless and brave. They are seen wearing clothes that are suitable for battle
  • 1901

    They are seen nude and with a Spartan looking helmet. They are seen charging at a Centaur which is a Greek mythology about a race of beings where they are half horse half human. They are seen as equals none is above or below the other
  • 1902

    Women were able to vote in Australia
  • 1903

    She is seen naked and holding her breast which seems to be injured. She is wearing a helmet that seems to hold in her short hair. She is seen holding and hiding behind her shield.
  • 1910

    In this image they are seen less fierce and brave, more dainty. They are seen in full dressed which are not very useful to fight in they seem to just be practicing their skills, for fun not training harshly for battle
  • 1911

    International Women’s Day: A day for women
    Marked annually on 8 March, the first International Women’s Day in 1911 amasses more than one million people across Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland for women’s suffrage and labour rights. In its early years, the Day becomes a mechanism to protest World War I
  • 1922

    Founding of the Country Women's Association (CWA)
  • 1930

    Looks very fierce and muscular
    Her hand signifies that she is free to do as she wants
    Her body shape is very muscular
  • 1933

    That bible for Australian women - the Australian Women's Weekly - was founded by Frank Packer.
  • 1936

    Looks like royalty, with her crown and her dress.
    Her outfit is unpractical to go to battle in
    Her weapon looks very weak
    She is carrying a wreath not a shield
    Her hair is done up
  • 1941

    Hippolyta is seen in this to be like a queen sitting in what looks like to be a thrown.
    She looks like she is commanding someone to do something
    Her hair is tied back in a bun and is secured by her crown
  • 1949

    She looks helpless and looks like a major gender stereotype
    She is like a damsel in destress
  • 1950

    She looks like she is sort of scares and looking for a way to save the day. She looks like she's in danger
  • 1955

    December 1, 1955: Black seamstress Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Ala. The move helps launch the civil rights movement.
  • 1968

    She is wearing very minimum clothes
    Her hair is blonde and very styled
    She looks like she is a joke and ditsy.
    Her face looks confused
  • 1975-1979

    Her outfit makes her body look hourglass
    Her outfit looks very fake and just made out of fabric
    Her hair look s recently curled
    She looks very placed there like a barbie
  • 1987

    She looks very happy and she looks like she is having a break from working to fight crime and is hanging with her friend.
  • 1988

    When Benazir Bhutto was voted in as Pakistan's prime minister in 1988, Benazir Bhutto became the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state.
  • 1995-2001

    They look very viscous and powerful
    They are wearing more practical things that they can move in, but it wouldn’t be very good for protection of the body
  • 2003

    She is seen naked and holding her breast which seems to be injured. She is wearing a helmet that seems to hold in her short hair. She is seen holding and hiding behind her shield.
  • 2006

    She looks like she is right in the battle and is about to slay someone
    She looks very determined.
    The fellow Amazons are looking very fierce.
    It shows the females bigger and more main in the picture and you can see the men fighting in the background but very small in the picture
  • 2010

    Julia Gillard becomes Australia's first female prime minister.
  • 2017

    Her outfit in this photo looks more movable
    She is seen reflecting and stopping whatever is hitting her or is hitting something at someone
    She is seen right in the battle, again is dirty
  • 2020

    She has brown natural wavey hair
    She looks dirty like she has been actually doing stuff
    She has silver armour on that is very tight and fits her body perfectly
    Her outfit seems hard to move in