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Change in Medical Technology from 1998 to 2014

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    in 1998 I was born.
    Even tho I wasn't really aware or capable of my surroundings, based off of research and common knowledge,some things must have been advanced. i mean how else could I be born without some kind of technology
  • Medical technoligy in 1998

    Medical technoligy in 1998
    Techonology has changed over the decades.
    when i was born this is what the doctor table would look like in a hosptial.
    Come with me to learn about more as we progressed through a few years until 2014
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    Medical technology througout the years

  • medical change

    in 2008 eveyrthing become a tiny bit more advaned. taking cellphones for example they were updating to internet, in the hostpital we were able to use the onitors to check certain things
  • medical tech in 2008

    medical tech in 2008
    In 2008 we were able to get a liittle more money to get the so called updated technology.
    if you look at it what is was back then to now
    you'd problay be suprised that those were computer monitars. they were advanced not like now but they were something
  • medical chang in 2010

    medical chang in 2010
    not sure if you can tell but theres more super technology in 2010 looks more up to date right?
  • medical change

    Time really does move fast!
    iin 2010 everything was like woah look!
    in 2010 eveything was considered the best of the future that is until 2012 came and everyone thought the world would end. but it didnt.
    we just got more help form our super smartypants in science and computer labs.
  • Medical change in 2014-15

    Medical change in 2014-15
    Oh my god. see that werid contraption thingy with the circle? you may have seen it in the st.judes commercials for the sweet littl cancer patients.
    This is the technoly of the future.
    this little thingamajig helps the doctor find out what kind of cancer,or tumour and where it is. yes that one little machine doea all of that. say thanks to our nerds for life of tecnology
  • medicla change

    This helps now becuse our cancer patienets now have a higher percentage of being cured