• Branded

    Isabel gets a brand on her right cheek in the shape of the letter "I" for "Insolence." She was branded because she fought with Madam Lockton for selling Ruth.
  • The Start

    When a slave named Isabel's owner dies, she knows she is supposed to be set free according to the owner's will. Instead, since she is unable to find a lawyer to help her, she and her little sister, Ruth, are sold to the Lockton's by Mr. Robert, their previous owner's nephew.
  • Meeting Curzon

    When the Lockton's send Isabel to get water, one of the Patriots slaves, Curzon, offers comes with them.
  • The Seizure

    Ruth has a seizure, and Madame Lockton threatens to sell her, calling her the devil. The only reason Ruth is allowed to say is because Madame Lockton's husband says she will.
  • Sold

    Madame Lockton makes sweet milk for Isabel, but drugs it with a sleeping potion so Isabel would sleep heavily while she went out to sell Ruth.
  • The Truth

    Madame Lockton tells Isabel that she didn't actually sell Ruth, and that Ruth is actually in South Carolina.
  • The River

    After helping out Curzon when he was arrested for a while, she sneaks him out of jail and they sail across the River Jordan in hope of seeking freedom.