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  • Chapter 1-3

    Isabel and Ruth travel to Newport, Rhode Island to be sold by Mr. Robert Finch. Isabel fights for her and her sister's freedom but Mr. Finch doesn't believe them. Anne and Elihu Lockton buy Isabel and her sister after a bidding war with Jenny who is trying to protect them although Jenny and her husband are relativly poor.
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    Time that chains takes place
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    Trip from Rhode Island to New York (Chapter 4)

    Isabel and Ruth travel to New York with their new masters in horrible conditions. Because they are slaves, they are sent to the very bottom of the boat with animals and live under these conditions for two days.
  • Chapter 5

    Locktons and Isbal abnd her sister land in NYC Harbor. Bellingham comes to check luggage. Anne fights to stop him from checking her private chest.
  • chapter 6

    Isabel and Curzon have a conversation and Curzon tries to convince Isabel to become a spy for the patriots.
  • Chapter 7

    Isabel comes back from the well where she had her conversation wit curzon to meet Becky. Becky is an indentured servant and she tells Isabel about all the ins and out of the house
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    Chapter 8

    Isabel continues work in the Lockton's kitchen and Madam chooses Ruth to be her personal maid
  • Chaper 9

    The Lockton's friends come over and discuss their plans as Loyalists and Isabel overhears.
  • Chapter 10

    Isabel leaves the Lockton estate in the dead of night to meet with Curzon and tell him about what she heard this morning.
  • Chapter 11

    Bellingham come to search the Lockton's house after Isabel informed them of the money hidden in teh chest, but they find money as it is hidden and Isabel can't say anything as a slave
  • Chapter 12

    Isabel meets Lady Seymore. A kind woman who feeds her cookies and milk before sending her on errans. Lady Seymore also renames Isabel sal, although she is rarely adressed by her name anyway.
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    Chapter 13

    Elihu Locktown returns from jail and gets into an argument with Madam about leaving New York for Charelston. Elihu eventually wins when he slaps Madam and draws blood. A week after Isabel goes to the waterpump with Curzon and she meets Grandfather as Curzon discusses his plans for freedom by winning the war.
  • Chapter 14

    Elihu Locktown hosts a meeting with the fellow Loyalist of New York and disscuss his plans. Isabel, in the same room as them, as she is supposed to serve them, hears the entire thing and knows of their plan to assisinate the general and of the list of names.
  • Chapter 15

    Later that day Ruth has a seizur in the company of Madam and she thinks that she is being possesed. As Madam attacks her, Isabel protects her sister and takes the blows until Elihu comes in. Elihu, who has a hidden agenda, convinces Madam not to sell Ruth with the point that Isabel and Ruth are sisters.
  • Chapter 16

    Isabel sneaks out the house with the lists of names into the Rebel camp. Although she is almost caught, she does eventually make her way to colonel Regan, the Colonel that Bellingham answers too, despite practically being stopped by another, lower ranked indivuial. She tells Regan about the Loyalist plot to kill Washington and although Regan does listen to her, He tells her to put the list back so they don't know that somone is on to them and that they will use the list later as evidence.
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    Chapter 17

    Elihu learns that their plan has been uncovered and burns the list. Master locktown leaves the house fore Charelston but leves his wife here and although she fiercly argues againts that and beggs to come with him, he ends the argument by slapping her across the room... again.
  • Chapter 18

    Isabel and Ruth attened the hanging of Hicky, one of the bribed life gaurds in the plot to kill Washington. Isabel finds Curzon and they watch as Hicky is hanged though Isabel caovers Ruth's eyes as well as her own.
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    Chapter 19

    Isabel is made to attened a new. Loyalist, church by Madam and is about to leave when news comes in that the British have landed in the harbour. As the people in the church go too see what is happening there is alot of confusion and chaos as a musket and a canon goes off, which ends of firghtening Ruth. The crowd dispersess but Ruth has anoter small seizur and Isabel covers up for her. Ruth later begins to wash the rocks to calm herself and it tunrs out that Madam was watching.
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    Chapter 20

    MIlitia continously enters the city while the British watch from their ships and don't make a move. The men and soldiers knock down the statue of King George III and take it away to be boiled for led. Madam goes to church and begins to feel bad for how shee treated her slaves. Shes is kind to them for a day, as she bakes delicious sweets and a cake to give to them. She also gives Isabel a break from working.
  • Chapter 21

    Isabel awakes from a peacful dream to find that Madam sold Ruth. She confronts her on the stairs and makes a break for it after Madam crashes a painting on her head and runs up the stairs. She runs to hte rebel camp and to Colonel Regan who turns her down and leaves her for Madam. As Isabel trys to run once again she is stopped at the window by a rebel.
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    Chapter 22

    Isabel wakes up with a concussion in a cell and with two of her teeth stolen. She ends up in the cell under city hall to await trial. During her trial, Madam fakes tears to sound convincing as she twist the events of the previous day. Isabel is senteced to being braded with and I on her cheek.
  • Chapter 23

    Isabel is taken to the stocks where she is branded with a scolding iron. She is told not to scream as to deny them the sight of her weakness. After the iron leaves her face she sees her mom and dad come to her and then goes unconconsinece.
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    Chapter 24

    Isabel dreams of her split family and Curzon. She wakes up to find herserlf in Lady Seymore's house. She is treated to food and a bath before Lady Seymore is forced to send er back to Madam.
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    Chapter 25

    Isabel gets back into ther daily grind as a slave though some things are a bit different. Madam will now only give her orders through Becky as she doesn't want to talk to her directly. Curzon keeps coming to the fence and Isabel is sent to make him leave. Curzon tries to get her to come back to spying and Isabel sneds him away, refusing to talk to him or help the rebels.
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    Chapter 26

    a storm hits and Isabel is sent to get water. There are many mores slaves there today, hired to build barricades for the rebels, and Isabel walks into a major debate amongst them about what side they should be on. Curzon helps her take the water home though doesn't speak to her or make eye contacnt.
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    Chapter 27

    The rebels lose a big battle in Brooklyn and Washingon retreats his men overnight. Isabel beings to make continous trips into the market and is happy to find out that Curzon is still alive.
  • Chapter 28

    The battle of New York begins and the British quickly force the rebels to retreat. Despite the dangerous battle raging outside their doors, Madam sends Isabel to town to get some items for a nice dinner for Elihu's return. Isabel makes plans to join the British for freedom. As the final rebels run away and slaves follow, Isabel searches for Curzon but doesn't find him.
  • Chapter 29

    Isabel runs to the British and asks to join. The Captian first denies her but as Isabels hears the conversation and learns that they don't know where the rebel headquarters is, she is able to provide that information to gain the Captian's attention. He is going to employ her when he finds out that her master is a loyalist and is forced to deny her. Isabel then stumbles upon Elihu who tells her to go hom and tell Madam that he will be home very shortly.
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    Chapter 30

    British and Loyalist celebrate and soldiers begin to occupy the houses around the city. Because Lady Seymore has many hessians staying with her and all of her slaves ran away, Isabel is temporarily given to her to help. Although the hessians are made to look very scarey and bad, Isabel finds that they really aren't and trys to practice her German to say thank you. Eventually the Hessians leave and after a long day, Isabel makes Seymore a meal and then goes to bed without even changing.
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    Chapter 31

    Isabel wakes to a burning city. Her house is burning and all the other houses around her are also burning. She grabs ruth's doll and then goes to Lady Seymore who needs help carrying her prized possesions. Then lady Seymore is partially paralyzed by the fire and Isabel needs to drop all of her possesions to help her. As Isabel drags Lady Seymore across town, she sees the spectacle that the fire has caused. Eventually she finds the Lockton's house and enters.
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    Chapter 32

    In the aftermath of the fire, hundereds are made homeless including the British soldiers as well as the civilians. As a result of this, the british army makes the Lockton's take on more soldiers to house, as well as their wives. Isabel once again as to work for the Lockton's but she does have help this time as the wives are acostomed to cleaning and working for teir husbands as well. Isabel goes to sleep lonely as she doesn't have Ruth's doll. Despite the fact that other people are around.
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    Chapter 33

    Isabel continues business as usual and even more soldiers enter the house. The british talk about attack the fort but say that they will do so in spring. They prematurely attack the fort and sespite the amount of soldiers the hessians killed, the British still managed to capture tons. Every last living sodier, amongst them, is Curzon.
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    Chapter 34

    With the the news that the British had captured Fort Washington, Madam decideds to throw a very lavish party. Isabe,l moving between waiting and cooking, hears all of the conversation and learns that they are trying to let the prisoners die. Isabel then decideds that she needs to help Curzon.
  • Chapter 35

    Isabel finally goes to the prison to help Curzon. Once she is past the gaurds, who inspect her bucket of food multiple times, she heads into the cell where the prisoners are and finds Curzon. Curzon recalls his story and tells his story about how he got a bullet through the leg. One private tries to steal the food from Isablel. The Sergant walks in and stops the theif but then asks if she can share it amoungst all the soldiers. Curzon agrees. Isabel is asked to be a messagenger, but denys
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    Chapter 36

    Lady Seymore gets sick again and Madam wants to send her to Charelston to heal, Isabel continues to vist Curzon but is scared of the bodies piled up in the halls. Isabel finds out that Lady Seymore already knows about her sneaking into the prison and later in the store Isabel gets a copy of Thomas Paine's Common Sense.
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    Chapter 37

    As Christmas approches Isabel must run emore and more errands and take on more and more chores. She continues to vist the prisoner where Curzon is and finds that the Sergant is dead and that the theif that tried to take her food the first time is now in charge. He is crule to Curzon who is sick and dying and can't even recall his own name whille he lets him starve as he is a slave. He took his clothes and then strikes a deal with Isabel to get Curzon and all the men better. Isabel stars CS.
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    Chacpter 38

    Isabel makes the final Christmas preparations. A doctor comes to help the prisonsers and Curzon his treated. Isabel is granted Christams off though Madam does try to prolong her release. Isabel is forbidden to go to the prison anymore and decides that she will anyway as her soul cannot be chained. She then bakes bread pudding to give to a family.
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    Chapter 39

    Isabel must go to town with Sara and runs into Captain Morse. Morse needs to give his troops a message and ISable can't but final agrees. Isabel gives the note to the prisoners that General Washington has beaten the British at Trenton and theybegin to celebrate.
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    Chapter 40

    Americans win the battle of Princton and the British begin to treat their prisoners better. Elihu leaves for England and Sarah has her baby and Seymore gets sick again. Seymore tells Isabel that she wanted to buy her. Isabel reads more Common Sense and begins to understand the rebel cause.
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    Chapter 41

    Madam throws a party and Lady Seymore has a siezure. Isabel is forced to take of her and hears that Madam is growing impatient for Seyomre to die. The next day it snows and Isabel geins to get very angry, thinking about Ruth and her being a slave. Her anger getes irrational and starts to feel it toward not only Seymore, but for the book of Common Sense.
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    Chapter 42

    The British plan a ball for the Queens birthday. As everyone needs to prepeare ISabel continues to run errands for the rebel officers and finishes common sense. Isabel gives a message from one febel officer to the another and as she comes home, thinking about how unfair and selfish the officers are, she finds that she was caught.
  • Chapter 43

    Madam begins to whip Isabel and then asks for her note from the officer, instead of giving it to her, Isable burns it. Madam then says that she will sell her and then reveals that she still has her sister, and threatens to sell her to the Devil himself. Isabel is then locked in the potate storage without anything. Hanaan, one of the slodierwives, comes to help her and periodically checks on her. Isabel then breaks out and forges the captians signature on her pass of freedom.
  • Chapter 44

    As Isabel begins to run away, she goes out to help Lady Seymore after helping Lady Seymore who is near dead, she lets Isabel take her money and Isabel then goes off to the prison to rescue Curzon. When she gets their however, she finds that Curzon is dead and that no one will even tend to his body. She takes back i=his hat, geets his blanket and takes the body out to be buried.
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    Chapter 45

    Curzon lys in the wheelbarrel, pretending to be dead although he is still incredibly weal. Isabel continues to push him until she gets to soldiers and must try to sneak by them. As the gaurd dog senses them and begins to bark Isabel is con[len=tely saved by the timely arriving of the queens birthday fireworks. The gaurds don't notice her and she rows away to New Jersey and escapes.