• the demand of cottan began to increase rapidley

  • Period: to

    The South

  • 2 million pounds of cottan mas made

  • Eli Whitney created the cottan gin

  • france ends slavery in their colonies

  • one third of white southern family members had slaves.

  • parliament bans the slave trade in British Empire

  • a congressional ban on importing slaves

  • Nat turners's rebellion leads to fears of further slave revolts

  • a slave discovered a way to improve the drying proces

  • Georgia began to investing in cottan mills

  • Anderson became the owner of the Tredengar iron works

  • James henry Hammond declared that without cottan the global economy would fail

  • a billion pounds of cottan was made.

  • more then 250000 free african americans lived in the region

  • virginia planter was married by arrangment