Centennial Summer 1935

  • Welcome to the Centennial

    Welcome to the Centennial
    Joe and Mary arrive at Grandma's and notice a sign that says "Welcome to the Centennial Celebbration". They later learn that grandma isn't a huge fan of the idea of this celebration.
  • Kids go searching for clothes

    Kids go searching for clothes
    While in the attic, Joe and Mary Alice find outfits for the celebration. They are surprised when they show grandma, and she tells them that they were her and grandpa's wedding clothes. When Grandma sees the kids she gets frightened and goes in a trance and she feels small, remebering her and her husband on her wedding day.
  • Mrs. Weidenbach Stops By

    Mrs. Weidenbach Stops By
    The bankers wife drops by to let grandma know that she is planning on winning the award for her grandpa being the oldest settler. Grandma Dowdell promises to not particitpate so she can get the award. Little does Mrs. Weidenbac know, grandma isn't going to keep her promise.
  • The Trip to Uncle Grady

    The Trip to Uncle Grady
    Grandma gets the kids to go to Uncle Grady Griswold's house to see if he is alive and to take him to the Centennial Fair to be the oldest settler and lie to Mrs. Weidenbach
  • Going to the Parade

    Going to the Parade
    When at the fair, the two oldest settlers cause a scene when they go into combat with each other. This causes traffic and other problems in the flow of the parade.
  • Grandma gifts a Cat to the Kids!

    Grandma gifts a Cat to the Kids!
    In the end, Grandma decides to gift a cat to the kids which shows sympathy that she cared for them all this time when the kids didn't know that. She wanted them to know that she was sorry for all that she's had to put them up to, but in her heart, she doesn't take any of it back. This plays a major role on grandmas part.