Cemetery Project Part 2

  • Washington

    George Washington Died in 1799.
  • Beethoven

    Beethoven composed many symphonies from 1790-1827.
  • Madison

    James Madison became the fourth president in 1801.
  • Dalton

    John Dalton of England discovered the relative weight of atoms and determined the atomic theory in approximately 1990.
  • Bill

    Henry Biil invented the steam boat in 1812.
  • Dickens

    Charles Dickens wrote many novels around 1830.
  • Budding

    Edward Budding invented the lawnmower in 1830.
  • Flaubert

    Gustave Flaubert wrote a very famous short story called “Madame Bovary” Around 1840.
  • Perry

    The rubber band was invented in 1845 by Stephen Perry.
  • Liszt

    Franz Liszt was a hungarian composer who composed 3 symphonies in 1847.
  • Maxwel

    James Maxwell is known as one of the greatest physicists the world has ever seen, he discovered the concept of the electromagnetic field in approximately 1850.
  • Alexander ll

    Alexander ll succeeded Nicholas l in 1855.
  • Grant

    Ulysses S Grant was commander in chief of the victorious union armies in 1860.
  • Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln became president in 1861.
  • Cezzane

    Paul Cezzane was a french painter who started painting in 1866.
  • Darwin

    Charles Darwin came up with the idea of evolution in 1871, he is known as the discoverer of natural selection.
  • Churchill

    Winston Churchill served in parliament for 60 years 1874-1965.
  • Edison (Science)

    In 1876 Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, he lived in New York City.
  • Edison (Daily Life)

    In 1876 Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, he lived in New York City.
  • Bell

    Alexander Bell invented the telephone in 1876.
  • Benz

    Karl Friedrich Benz of Germany built the first combustion engine in 1877.
  • Pravel

    Andreas Pravel invented the first personal radio in 1879
  • Bell

    In 1881 Alexander Grahm Bell invented the metal detector.
  • Daumier

    Honore Daumier was a famous french painter who painted the “Uprising” in 1882.
  • Waterman

    In 1884 Lewis Waterman invented the first fountain pen.
  • Gogh

    Van Gogh was a french painter who painted the “Old Mill” in 1888.
  • Ghandi

    Mahatma Gandhi spent 20 years in South Africa speaking against discrimination in 1893.
  • Einstein

    Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity in the early 1900’s.
  • Flemming

    Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in the early 1900’s.
  • Carrier

    Willis Carrier invented the Air Conditioner in 1902.
  • Wright

    Orville Wright made the worlds first “Heavier than air” flight in 1903.
  • Ford

    Henry Ford sold 15 million cars between 1908-1927.
  • Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt left office in 1909.
  • George

    In 1916 David George became Prime Minister in a Coalition government and represented Great Britain in the Paris Peace Conference.
  • Hindemith

    German composer Paul Hindemith wrote four famous quartets in 1917.
  • Birdseye

    Clarence Birdseye discovered quick freezing food so that it tasted the same when it was thawed months later in 1924.
  • Hemingway

    Ernest Hemingway wrote a famous novel in 1926 “The Sun also Rises” that got him an instant acclaim when he wrote his next back.
  • George

    In 1927 David George became Prime Minister in a croatian government.
  • Hubble

    Edwin Hubble discovered the universe was constantly expanding in 1929.
  • Ataturk

    Ataturk became the president of Turkey in 1930.
  • Paul

    Les Paul invented the electric guitar in 1931.
  • Schick

    Jacob Schick Invented the Electric Razor in 1931.
  • Bucks

    Pearl Bucks published 70 books in 1938.
  • Messerschmitt

    In 1944 Willy Messerschmitt created the first jet fighter flown in combat.
  • Eliot

    Samuel Eliot wrote a play called “Waiting for Godot in 1951.
  • Waltari

    “THE EGYPTIAN”, by Mika Waltari was written in 1952.
  • Eisenhower

    Eisenhower is elected president of the USA in 1952.
  • Chaplin

    Chaplin Invented the solar cell in 1954.
  • Presley

    In 1956 Elvis Presley releases his debut album called ‘Elvis Presley”.
  • Eisenhower

    Eisenhower is reelected as president in 1956.
  • Eisenhower

    Eisenhower is reelected as president in 1956.
  • Ginsburg

    Charles Ginsburg invented the video tape recorder in 1956.
  • Messerschmitt

    In 1958 Willy Messerschmitt received NATO contracts to make missiles.
  • Claghorn

    Edward Claghorn invented the seat belt in 1959.
  • Valenzuela

    Pablo Valenzuela invented the hepatitis b vaccines in 1980.
  • Ride

    Sally Ride became the first woman in space in 1980.
  • Tansey

    Mark Tansey painted “Four Sorbidden Senses” in 1982.
  • Microsoft

    Windows program invented by Microsoft in 1985.
  • INF

    INF agreement between USA and Soviet Union in 1987.
  • Haring

    Keith Haring painted “Red Room” in 1988.