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CDU WASC Preparation

  • Initial Payroll Reductions

  • Bylaws for Board of Trustees Revised

    Added Faculty and Student Representatives to Board
  • WASC Spring 2009 EER Visit

  • Interim Presidency Begins (Keith Norris)

  • COM Faculty Definitions and Criteria Developed

  • WASC Probation Action Letter

  • CDU/LA County Lawsuit Settled

  • COM Faculty Bylaws Revised

  • Academic Senate Constitution Revised

  • Administrative Program Review Handbook Approved

  • CDU Urgent Care Clinic Closed

    Financial losses on clinical operations were determined to be unsupportable.
  • Academic Program Review Handbook Approved

  • Additional Payroll Reductions

  • Office of Provost and Council of Deans Founded

  • COM Faculty Executive Board Elections

  • Physician Assistant Program Withdrawal

  • Faculty/Administration Memorandum of Agreement

    Faculty Rights and Responsibilities; Statement on Academic Freedom
  • Budget Cuts Finalized ($10m)

  • Faculty Contracts and Workload Documents

  • Program Prioritization Process

  • Employee Handbook Distributed

  • Finance Policy and Procedure Manual Revised

  • 1st Class Cohort Enters School of Nursing

  • New Board of Trustees & Board of Councillors

  • $10m Prop. 1D funds released

  • Academic Senate Appointments & Promotions Committee Formed

  • Shared Governance Statement Approved

  • $5m Funding from California Endowment

    Supporting loan repayments for LSRNE building, as well as administrative program reviews and strategic planning by ECG.
  • LSRNE Loans Restructured

  • Office of Enrollment Management Services Opened

  • Research Policy and Procedure Manuals Revised

  • Administrative Policy Manual Published Online

  • WASC Special Visit

  • Physician Assistant Program Teachout Ends