CC7 Evolution of Binary Code

  • Binary Code is Created

    Binary Code is Created
    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz creates binary language. Binary, meaning only consisting of two, was a language only containing ones and zeros. You could translate any number or letter into binary code and still understand it! At that time, nobody cared or understood how binary worked except for Leibniz.
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    Evolution of Binary Code

  • Claude Shannon Develops Binary

    In the year 1937, Claude Shannon starts to program electronics with binary code. He created one of the first computer prototypes using binary to program it. Shannon joined Alexander Graham Bell's telephone project in 1942 to try to include binary in the project. AGB liked the idea and let him join.
  • First Binary Touchscreen Phone

    First Binary Touchscreen Phone
    IBM Simon is the first touchscreen phone programmed with binary code. IBM is the brand who created the first touch screen phone. IBM is claimed to have worked with BellSouth during the process of making IBM Simon. They both have claimed to have made up their own type of binary along the way.
  • 2013 Update on Binary

    As of May 20th, 2013, binary is used to program Apple devices and many phones and tablets. Almost any given electronic today is programed with binary. CD's are programmed with binary when a laser shines on the disc. If it reflects, it's a one. If it doesn't, it's a zero. Google Glass is also programmed with binary code, the mini glass pannel uses 1's and 0's to show it's pictures.
  • Future Prediction

    I predict binary will be used for making holographs and glass phones. I predict that binary will develope a bit more and consist of all the digits, not just ones and zeros. Binary code has sort of taken over our electronic world, with andvanced programming and pictures. I also predict that binary will be used to program many more devices in the future and will create new discoveries in electricity, too.