Causes of the Civil War

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    Causes of The Civil War

  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    Missouri made a request to join the Union and become a slave state. However this made the free and slave states uneven so, Main was added as a free state to balance them.
  • Wilmot Revise

    Wilmot Revise
    This revise specified that slavery should be prohibited in any land that might gain from Mexico. The south wanted slavery to spread so they were very angry.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    This compromise was the five main points of Clay's orginal plans. It was one bill with five parts and did not pass. Later, it was separated into five different bills, and each one passed on its own. It was only a temporary solution.
  • Dread Scott Decision

    Dread Scott Decision
    Dred Scott, a slave, was trying to sue his owner for not being free in a slave state. He was tried then lost his case. Later, he became free.
  • The Fugitive Slave Act

    The Fugitive Slave Act
    This Act required all citizens to help catch any runaway slaves. The north was mad because they were being forced to do something they didn't believe in.
  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    Uncle Toms Cabin
    Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a book about slavery. It included a description of slavery and many personal slave stories. Obviously, this book made the north very mad. And people started working against slavery.
  • Kansas- Nebraska Act

    Kansas- Nebraska Act
    Tha act was a bill that said states could only allow slavery by popular sovereignty. Within the territories of Kansas and Nebraska they could decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    Many people decided to move to Kansas in order to vote. There was a lot of violence involved. And eventually Kansas became a free state.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debates

    Lincoln-Douglas Debates
    Douglas was against slavery but thought the states should decide. Lincoln wanted slavery to stop spreading. There were many debates and both of the men were running for Senate.
  • John Brown Raid

    John Brown Raid
    John Browns goal was to arm slaves and capture slave owners. This however failed and Brown was captured and tried for murder and treason. He was then hanged.
  • Lincolns Election

    Lincolns Election
    Lincoln won the Presidential Election with only 40% of the votes. His goal was to preserve the country, All of this created alot of tension.
  • Secession of South Carolina

    Secession of South Carolina
    South Carolina tried to start their own country. They were the first southern state to break away, this caused the nation to head to war.