Causes of the American Revolution

  • French and Indian war

    When the French and Indians teamed up against the colonists which they eventually won and they had to pay taxes. Years 1755-1763
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Was at the end of French and Indian war it was the treaty where the french had to leave and give the land to England and calmed the fears of the Indians because they thought the colonists were gonna take over
  • Sugar act

    It was the modified version of the sugar and molasses act of 1733 which was about to expire and they had to pay 6 cents a gallon for foreign mollases
  • Stamp act

    The first real try to put government in the colonies
  • Townshend acts

    Was series of laws passed by parliament like the revenue act of 1767 regulating trade so they stayed loyal to England
  • Boston massacre

    When 5 colonists were shot by 5 British regulars by troops that were sent by the Townshend to stop revolt because of taxes
  • Boston tea party

    A political protest where they destroyed a shipment of tea in Boston harbor
  • Intolerable acts

    Was the patriots name of England's bad laws after the boston tea party