Causes for Prohibition

  • World War I Begins

    War starts. United States and Canada divert money from making liquor to help the war effort.
  • World War I Ends

    War Ends
  • New Authority of Women

    Women started voicing their opinions, joined groups, voted in legislation to stop the use of alchohal
  • Temperance Leaders

    They voted to ban alcohol as well, destroyed bars across the country.
  • Protestants

    They had a strict ethics code, weren't allowed to buy cigars or ice-cream, let alone wear high heeled shoes, prohibition seemed like a normal idea.
  • Farmers

    Needed people to work, couldn't work if they were drunk.
  • Scientists

    Started doing studies about liver damage caused by alcohol.
  • Politicians

    Promised to ban alcohol in order to win votes.
  • Men

    Men drank and went to work, ruined buisness and couldn't support their families with all their drinking.