Cattle Boom

  • Texas Longhorn

    Texans interbred cows so they could be more durable for the land and wheather conditions.
  • Period: to


  • Texas v Eastern Market

    A steer that could bring up to $4 in texas could be worth something around $40 in eastern marketing.
  • The Buffalo

    Over the next ten years, the buffalo will be hunted so much that they will be an endangered species for the next century.
  • Barbed Wire Changes Everything

    Barbed Wire created by Joseph Glidden changed cattle herding by making it so that cowboys could not herd cattle through other peoples properties.
  • The Mexican Cowboy

    Mexicans and Mexican-Americans where starting to become cowboys and along with African Americans they would make up most of the cowboys because the jobs where really dangerous.
  • Chicago Cattle

    In Chicago a cattle could be worth as much as $35 per cow...
  • Chicago Cattle 3 years later

    3 years later in Chicago a cattle was worth about $8
  • Price Crash

    The first price crash occured as supply far exceeded damand.
  • The Drought

    A drought made many herds die of Dehydration
  • Tempature Drop

    Tempatures reached 46 degrees below 0 thousands of frozen cattle where found all over the mid-west