Cataract Surgury

  • Incisions to remove cataract

    Albrecaht Vaughn Graefe (1828-1870) Found a way to remove a cataract with a small cut.
  • Stitches in Cataract Surgery

    Henery Willard Williams (1831-1895)
    developed a way to stitch the eye closed and was the first to use anesthesia.
  • Erysophake

    Ignacio Barraquer developed the Erysophake device.
    (Would suction out the Ctaracts.)
  • First intraocular Lens implant

    Sir Nicholas Harold Lloyd Ridley (1906-2001) Conducted the first intraocular Lens implant.
    (A plastic artificial lens.)
  • Enzymatic Zonulolysis

    Joaquin Barraquer Developed the Enzymatic Zonulolysis and was awardwd a commemorative medal for it.
    (A procedure to remove Cataracts with Enzymes.)
  • Cryoextraction of cataracts

    tadeusz krwawicz (1910-1990) developed Cryoextraction of cataracts.
    (the removal of a cataract adhesion of a freezing probe to the lense to remove the cataract.)
  • Phakoemulsification

    Charles Kelman M.D. (1930-2004) developed a way to detect Cataracts.
    ( A operation where the diseased lens is reduced to a liquid and drained out of the eye with ultrasonic vibrations.)