Carbon Dating

  • Mar 16, 1390

    The shroud of turin is used.

  • The shroud of turin Negitives

    Negitives taked and image is clearer.
  • Half life identified

    In 1903, Sir Ernest Rutherford along with Frederick Soddy identified the phenomenon of radioactive half-life decay. Rutherford was awarded the 1908 Nobel Prize for chemistry for his work in radioactivity.
  • carbon 14 isotope discovered

    1940, Martin David Kamen and Sam Ruben discovered the carbon 14 isotope.
  • World War II ends

  • The dead sea scrolls

    scrolls found in 1947 that are the largest manuscripts to the bible.
  • Radiocarbon Dating Pioneered

    William Libby and colleagues
  • Libby half life

    Improved upon the idea of radio carbons half life time
  • Shroud of turin in jerusalem in 700 a.d

    An analysis of pollen grains and plant images taken from the Shroud of Turin, believed by many Christians to be the burial shroud of Jesus, places the cloth's origin in or near Jerusalem before the eighth century, scientists said here today
  • A lost kingdom

    The monument, called Sungbo's Eredo, was erected around a kingdom of the Yoruba -- one of the three main ethnic groups in present-day Nigeria -- and surrounds several towns and villages. Here, the Eredo's earthen bank rises 70 feet in the air from the bottom of a wide ditch, its reddish, vertical wall glistening with patches of moss. A carbon analysis of parts of the rampart showed that it dates from the 10th century and suggested that a highly organized kingdom existed in the rain forest at lea
  • Old painting that looks modern

    Through carbon dating they established it is from around 9000 B.C.
  • Stonehenge Cemetary

  • Pharaohs ruleing times determined

    Through carbondating within tombs scientists have been able to determine what ruling time periods artifacts belong to.
  • Humans and Neanderthals

    Question raised of whether there had been interbreeding between humans and Neanderthals.Neanderthal sites have been dated to as young as 29,000 years ago suggesting there was extensive overlap between the two human species
  • Even Earlier settlers

    People before the clovis are first in america with a bone club found dating 13,800 years ago