Car Safety Technology in Vehicles

  • Power Steering

    Power Steering
    Power steering assists drivers steer vehicles by improving on the steering effort of the steering wheel. "Hydraulic or electric actuators add controlled energy to the steering mechanism, so the driver needs to provide only modest effort regardless of conditions." (Source Wiki.) Power steering helps considerably when a vehicle is stopped or moving slowly.
  • Seatbelts

    Audible seat belt reminders are valuable devices that encourage all occupants to wear their seat belts. In nearly 20% of all fatalities on Australian roads, no seat belt was being worn.
    Child restraints should be fitted and conform to Australian Standards, including anchor points
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

    Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
    "Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) prevent the wheels of a vehicle locking as brake pedal pressure is applied - often suddenly in an emergency or short stopping distance." (Source: ANCAP) This enables the driver to have steering control, preventing skidding and loss of traction. This is particularly useful on loose surfaces or wet conditions.
    Both ESC and ABS are complimentary technologies, working in synchronisation to provide greater control of the vehicle and reduce the chance of crashing.
  • Airbags

    Airbags deploy on impact with in head-on or where an oncoming vehicle collides at an angle.
    When deployed in a crash, airbags significantly reduce the chance of death or serious injury.
    It was originally developed in the late 1960s by General Motors in the USA. In Australia, Holden was the first local maker to introduce a driver's airbag on the 1993 VR Commodore.
  • Electronic Stablity Control

    Electronic Stablity Control
    ESC may also be referred to as Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
    By constantly monitoring the position and direction of the car with where the driver is steering, ESC can detect that the vehicle is not traveling in the direction intended.
    The system intervenes, instantly manipulating the delivery of engine power and controlling the pressure to each wheel.