"Captain Molly"

  • Born

    "Molly Pitcher" was born in November 1751. Her birthplace was Franklin County, Pennsylvania (about 30 mi. west of Gettysburg). Her birth name was Margaret Cochran (Molly Pitcher was a nickname she and one other woman earned in the Revolutionary War).
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    Margaret and her brother are vistiting their uncle when Native Americans attack their parents' home. They killed their father and kidnapping their mother. The children are adopted by their uncle.
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    In 1772, at the age of 21, Margaret married John Corbin. Later she would follow him off to war as a campfollower in the American Revolution. That will be what she's famous for. May 29 is not the actual date of this event.
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    Follows husband off to war

    John joins the militia in the American Revolution. Unlike most wives, Margaret went with him as a campfollower. John was a matross (incharge of loading the cannons).
  • Battle at Lexington and Concord

    Battle at Lexington and Concord
    This battle marked the beginning of the American Revolution. In this war, Margaret Corbin earned the nickname "Captain Molly" as well as her fame.
  • Battle at Fort Washington

    Battle at Fort Washington
    Margaret and her husband went into battle in the Battle at Fort Washington in 1776. After John's partner is killed in battle, John takes over the shooting of the cannons. Margaret fills her husbands place and starts loading the cannon. John is eventually killed as well, leaving Margaret to fight alone and shoot the cannons. Hers is the last cannon to be silenced.
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    Found in critical condition

    Corbin is found in critical condition. She had a nearly severed arm, which she would never be able to use again. She was also injured in the chest and jaw. She had been hit by at least three musket balls and a grapeshot.
  • She is recognized for her bravery

    She is recognized for her bravery
    Injuries due to her time in battle rendered Corbin unable to do simple things without difficulty. She could not use her left arm and many other injuries made it difficult to even get dressed. She also had no job and no way to earn money. In June1777, the Pennsylvanian government gave her $30 for her heroic acts.
  • Recieves Pension

    Recieves Pension
    Corbin recieves and military pension in 1779. It was half the amount men in the military would recieve. She is the first woman to ever acomplish this.
  • Period: to

    Joins the Invalid Regiment

    Margaret joined the Invalid Regiment at West Point sometime in the 1780's. She was there declared to need special care. She was then put into the care of a woman named Mrs. Randall.
  • Seige at Yorktown

    Seige at Yorktown
    After six years of warfare, Lord Charles Cornwallis of Britain surrendered to the combined French and American force. Although it would take Britain another two years to formally recognize America's independece, the fighting was over. The war that costed Corbin her independence and her husband was now at an end.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris was Britain's formal recognition of America's independence. America was now it's own country. It was the dawn of a new age for Americans.
  • U.S. Constitution

    U.S. Constitution
    The U.S. Constitution was the product of the Constitutional Convention, an illegal group sought out to revise the Articles of Confederation. In it are such things as The Great Compromise and The 3/5 Compromise. It also outlines how the government of the new nation should run.
  • Period: to

    Whiskey Rebellion

    Pennsylvanian farmers rebeled over the new taxes on whiskey. They caused damage suck as attacking the home of the tax inspector. Being both a veteran of the American Revolution and a known drinker, this would have been a tearing issue for Corbin. On one hand, she obviously opposed the taxes. On the other, she had sacrificed so much for this new country.
  • Washington dies

    Washington dies
    President and once General George Washington died in 1799 at his home in Mt. Vernon. Being part of Washington's army, this would have emotionally affected Corbin. It was just another person from her past dead.
  • Corbin dies

    Corbin dies
    Corbin dies a month short of her fiftieth birthday. Her body was found and identified by her wounds in 1926. She was then, with military honors, reburied at West Point. She was the only Revolutionary War veteran given this honor.