C.S Lewis biography: A leader i admire

Timeline created by SamuelMartinez516
  • The Born of C.S Lewis

    The Born of C.S Lewis
    Born Clive Staples Lewis
  • Little sea

    Little sea
    At the age of seven Lewis move with his family to “Little Sea” in Strandtown
  • Wynyard School

    Wynyard School
    His family decided send him to study Wynyard School en Watford, Hertfordshire,time later his mom died
  • Malvern College

    Malvern College
    Lewis entry in the in Malvern College in this time when Lewis was 15 years old he abandoned the christian faith and start to interesting in mythology and obscurantism
  • Oxford College

    Oxford College
    Lewis start his studies in Oxford College
  • Becomes a professor

    Becomes a professor
    Becomes a professor of language and literature a year later meets J.J.J Tolkien
  • His back to the Christian faith

    His back to the Christian faith
    After a long discussion with Tolkien and other friend, Lewis back to the Christian faith
  • Club of the Inklings

    Club of the Inklings
    with J.J.J Tolkien and his friends Charles Williams y Owen Barfield they create the club of the inklings made for discuss about philosophy and literature
  • Narnia

    Lewis writes The chronicles of Narnia
  • Lewis gets married

    Lewis gets married
    Lewis get married with Joy Gresham
  • Lewis death

    Lewis death
    Lewis dies because he has a renal insufficiency