• agrarian society

    only cared about producing
  • centrailization

    assembly line work. Really settled in 1400
  • Period: to


  • scientific management

    scientific management
    Taylor publishes a book about hiring people for skill and efficiency
  • Hawthorn studies

    Work efficiency is determined by social issues and job satisfaction
  • hierarchy of needs

    hierarchy of needs
    workers need physical, safety, social, esteem, an self actualization in a work place
  • TQM

    meeting costumers needs and organizational directives
  • theory X

    theory X
    negative view of people at work
  • Theory Y

    Theory Y
    The positive view of people at the work place
  • Theory Z

    boss works hard in order to make you work more. loyalty to ones job
  • decentrailization

    Giving people different parts to do and work. communication is spread out