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Burned Alive

  • Started Working

    Started Working
    At the age of nine or ten Souad began working on her father's farm tending to sheep, taking care of the gardens, cooking, doing laundry, etc.
  • Witnessing Death

    Witnessing Death
    Also around the age of ten, Souad and her sister Noura winessed her mother killing her just born baby girls. In Souad's culture, girls were a disappointment, and after so many, it was excepted that they were killed.
  • Assad

    At an early age, Souad knew that the men were the law. Around the age of 14 or 15, Souad witnessed her brother, Assad, murder her younger sister because she was either misbehaving, or the family simply just didn't need her anymore.
  • The Secret

    The Secret
    When she was ninteen years old, Souad met with the man she thought she loved, and in efforts to keep him, she gave herself to him. Sex before marriage in the culture is punishable by death.
  • The Unthinkable

    Nearly two months after their first meeting, Souad realized she was pregnant. Faiez, her lover, promised her marriage, but in the end never asked her father for her hand. Souad was stuck alone, pregnant, and scared.
  • Betrayal

    After her parents found out Souad was pregnant, they held a family meeting in which they planned her death. Souad overheard her brother in-law agree to "take care of her".
  • On Fire

    On Fire
    One day, while doing laundy, Souad's brother-in-law came into the gate and as he approached her he was smiling. Soon after, he poured patrol over her headand lit her on fire.
  • Dying

    While Souad lays barely treated, dying in a hospital bed, her mother pays a visit only to feed her poison. Her almost successful mother was stopped by the doctor and banned from the hospital.
  • Jacqueline

    Jacqueline, a foreign aid worker, hears of Souad's story and insists on saving her, even in her coma state. After a lot of effort, Jacqueline saves Souad from her country and brings her to Switzerland.
  • Making Choices

    After living with a foster family for a few years, Souad knew giving up her son was the right thing to do. Her foster family made an open adoption agreement.
  • Starting New Life

    Souad eventually learned english and got herself a steady job and an apartment.
  • Finding Love

    After moving to Switzerland and getting her life settled, Souad sees a man that she feels is love at first sight. It took weeks for Souad to build the courage to introduce herself to this man. Souad never thought she would know real love, but after a while, they got married.
  • Family

    After a few years, Souad gave birth to her first daughter, Laetitia.
  • Daughters

    After a few years with her new family, Souad gave birth to her second duaghter, Nadia. She felt as though her family was still not complete without her son, Marouan.
  • Complete

    As the girls grew older, Souad finally got the courage to introduce herself to her son. After