Buffalo hunt

Buffalo Timeline

  • First buffalo

    First buffalo
    The first bison was seen in Washington, DC. Daniel Boone mentioned eating fresh buffalo at a point between the Appalachians and the Mississippi.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark
    Lewis and Clark found and brought back one of the first few buffalos.
  • Collapse of the Bison Herds

    Collapse of the Bison Herds
    A long and intense drought hit the southern plains in 1845, lasting into the 1860s, which caused a widespread collapse of the bison herds. In the 1860s, the rains returned and the bison herds recovered to a degree.
  • Early Buffalo

    Early Buffalo
    By 1860, cattle ranchers had moved as far west as California.To have done this, they would have needed to move the Native People into reservations away from valuable land and destroy the herds of buffalo.
  • Buffalo saved

    Buffalo saved
    The last of the remaining "Southern Herd" were saved before extinction
  • Buffalo Hybrids

    Buffalo Hybrids
    Charles Goodnight begins experiments with bison hybrids in Texas
  • Near Extinction

    Near Extinction
    Sitting Bull and his band, with some white hunters, killed the last 10 thousand of the northern herd.
  • State Animal

    State Animal
    By this time the American Buffalo was adopted as the Kansas state animal.
  • Beefalo

    Jim Burnett of Montana produced a hybrid bull that was fertile. Soon after, Cory Skowronek of California formed the World Beefalo Association and began marketing the hybrids as a new breed. The new name, beefalo, was meant to separate this hybrid from the problems associated with the old cattalo hybrids.
  • Buffalo gold coin

    Buffalo gold coin
    By 2006 the Buffalo Nickel was basicly referbished into a $50 gold coin that has the buffalo on one side and the indian head on the reverse side.