Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited(BHP)

  • Broken Hill Mining Company

    Charles Rasp believed he discovered tin in broken hill. After that several men from Mt Gipps sheep station, the place Charles worked, established Broken Hill Mining Company.
  • The Establishment of Broke Hill Propietry Company Limited

    Australia became the first to have the major mining in steel, due to the establishment of BHP in 1885. Also the Broken Hill Mining Company was incorpated into BHP. The company mined for lead, silver and zinc.
  • Smelting in Port Pirie

    The commence of smelting in Port Pirie, South Australia.
  • First Exports

    The first exportation occured with lead from BHP to China.
  • Iron Knob and Iron Baron is Leased

    In South Australia, Iron KNob and Iron Baron is leased for mining iron- ore.
  • Iron- Ore Mining

    Iron Knob cotinues to be used for ining iron- ore.
  • Steelwork

    BHP in Newcastle, NSW began steelwork operations.