British Revolution

  • Begining of The Fench & Indian War

    The british was at battle with france and british won and got the land controled by france.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The treaty is by the French who lost and British got the land east of the Mississippi
  • Proclamation of 1776

    forbid the colonies from going beyond the appellations mountains
  • end of french & Indian war

    the end of a war the british won and got all the lannd east of the mississipie
  • Sugar act

  • stamp act

    Put taxes on paper things such as cards and writing paper
  • Writs of assistance

    Soldiers could search homes for smuggled goods
  • townshed acts

    Taxes on household items such as glass, lead, and silk
  • Boston Massacre

    Roiting mob was fired upon and killed 5 people
  • Quartaring act

    Had to provide the British troops with a place to stay
  • Boston Tea Party

    The dumping of 90000 lbs. of tea From a vessel into the Boston harbor.
  • Intolerable acts

    Colonists could not do anything
  • 1st Continental congress

    to help the war effert
  • Give Me Liberty” Speech

    Famous speech by patrick harry
  • Battle of Lexington and concord

    The first shots and battles in the revolutinary war