British Number 1 Hits - answers and music links in last 'event'

  • First Number 1 hit

    First Number 1 hit
    Who had the first British Number 1 hit and what was his name? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpPJp-U7aQQ' >Youtube video</a>
  • Period: to

    British Number 1 Hits

  • Christmas 1957

    Christmas 1957
    Which American singer, born in New York City, had the Christmas 1957 number 1 hit, and what was the title?
  • First of 1964

    First of 1964
    This 'clean cut' group had the first number 1 single of 1964 (NOT the Christmas/New Year one) - who were they and what was the title of the song?
  • Radio 2 DJ

    Radio 2 DJ
    Who was the singer (and curent Radio 2 Presenter) who had a number 1 hit in 1975 with his band, Cockney Rebel, and what was it called?
  • Well Rocked!

    Well Rocked!
    Which classical composer was 'Rocked' by Falco in 1986?
  • Soldiers?

    Which duo of 'Soldiers' topped the charts in October 1995 with 'What becomes of the Broken Hearted'?
  • Answers and Music Links

    Answers and Music Links
    The answers to the Quiz are all to be found on the following link:
    <a href='http://http://www.bittersuiteband.com/music_uk-no1-hits-singles.htm'
    Have a look yourself and find the answer
  • Biggest Seller EVER!

    Biggest Seller EVER!
    Finally - what was the title of the BIGGEST selling single EVER which had (to date) sold over 50 million copies?