Ale y ale

Brief History of Chico and Chica

By Ale&Ale
  • First day they talked

    First day they talked
    They met on Reddit because Chica wanted to search for someone to help her in terms of brazilian universities :p since she freaking wanted to go to one
  • When Chico asked Chica out

    When Chico asked Chica out
    Chico got drunk and asked Chica to block him for a while but she didn't want to so she started insisting on knowing what was it that he was hiding from her. Turns out he was super in love <3 (she was too :pp)
  • First Chico's birthday with Chica

    First Chico's birthday with Chica
    Chica prepared some spicy things for Chico's 19th birthday (she got him the best gift ever). She also wrote him a super long letter he adored :3 (he still has it til this day).
  • First christmas together

    First christmas together
    Spicy spicyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;) and more spicy.
  • First Chica's birthday

    First Chica's birthday
    Everyone was conspiring behind her back, but it all ended with her getting a huge bouquet with sunflowers, carnations, heliconias and many other beautiful flowers just like her :3
  • Close encounter of the gword kind

    Close encounter of the gword kind
    Chica traveled to Brazil to meet Chico, who was waiting for her at the airport. Chica felt very shy. Lots of gifts and adult stuff ;3
  • The nineteenth ;)

    The nineteenth ;)
    Chica got freaking sick but Chico took good care of her. She puked a subway sandwich out (chico didnt notice).
  • Love Story

    Love Story
    Chico and Chica danced the night away at a night club with a doubtful reputation. They met their sugar daddy and got their own lifeguard.
  • The first goodbye :'(

    The first goodbye :'(
    Que chao chao. The first of many has come to an end but they both knew they were more than boyfriend and girlfriend (Chico wrote this rhyme).