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  • Werner Birth

    Werner Birth
    Werner Was Born In Germany
  • Period: to

    Werner Life

    a German theoretical physicist who made foundational contributions to quantum mechanics and is best known for asserting the uncertainty principle of quantum theory
  • Meets Einstein for the first time

    Meets Einstein for the first time
  • Uncertainty Principle

    Uncertainty Principle
    Heisenberg uncertainty principle', stating that it was impossible to measure the velocity and position of an electron at the same time.
  • Quantum Theory

    Quantum Theory
    Other Know As Quantum Mechanics. There Are Many Definitons But One Defintion Is The Principle That Matter & Energy Have The Properties Of Both Particles. Quantum Theory Is About The Nature Of Matter.
  • Spending The Word About Quantum Theory

    Spending The Word About Quantum Theory
    Werner went on a lecture tour to the United States, Japan, and India.
  • First Job

    First Job
    In 1926 he was appointed Lecturer in Theoretical Physics at the University of Copenhagen,
  • Werner Award

    Werner Award
    Werner Was Awarded A Nobel Peace Prize For The Devoplment Of Quantum Thoery.
  • Effect On Society

    Effect On Society
    Quantum Theory Helped People Better Understand The Wavelengths & Material Of A System. During This Time It Was Used To Help Germany Make Weapons For World War l
  • Werner Last

    Werner Dies In His Home Of Cancer