Brian Mulroney

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  • Birth

    Future Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was born on March 20th 1939 in Baie-Cameau Quebec. His parents were Irish Canadian Catholics and due to his location can speak fluent French and English.
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    Brian Mulroney

    Brian Mulroney TImeline
  • Involvement

    Brian helped with compaining for the Conservative party. In his youth Brian helped bring Prime Minister John Diefenbaker to power.
  • Education

    Brian sterted his education at St Thomas High School in Chatham New Brunswick. He then later attended St. Francis Xavier University in 1959. Due to a later illness, Brian attended Laval University in 1964
  • Extra

    Brian was called to the Quebec Bar
  • Marriage

    Brian married the daughter of a Serbian doctor, Mila Pivnicki. Together Biran and Mila had four children: Caroline, Ben, Mark and Nicolas.
  • Previous Jobs

    Previous Jobs
    Brian Mulroney became the Vice President to an Iron Ore company, becoming president in 1977 Brian was able to add better management to labour and help the company out greatly.
  • Loses

    Brian lost the conservative leadership race to Joe Clark. The difference was on the 3rd ballot.
  • Start of Political Career

    Start of Political Career
    Brian Mulroney started running for Prime Minister in 1983 but was official annonced leader on Septmeber 17th 1984
  • Meech Lake Constitutional Accord

    Brian Mulroney decided to put the Meech Lake Constitutional Accord to propose amendments to Quebec.
  • Canadian Multicultural Act

    Canadian Multicultural Act
    The Canadian Multiculturalism Act was designed to remind Canadians that all Canadian citizens have the right to stay in Canada, and to promote immigrants and Canadians working together.
  • US Free trade Agreeement

    US Free trade Agreeement
    Free Trade Agreement
    This agreement was to allow free trade in between Canada and the United States of America
  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    Brian Mulroney allowed Canadian troops to enter the Gulf War. This helped promote Canada to be a peace-keeping nation.
  • Nunavut Land Claims Agreement

    Nunavut Land Claims Agreement
    Brian Nulroney decided to issue the Nunavut Agreement. This Agreement allowed the natives of the the territory to claim there land and have responsibilty over it.
  • Resign

    After Resignation
    Brian Mulroney resigned as Prime Minister of June 25th 1993. Brian's popularity was slowly dying and in 1993 he was not elected to run for another term. His successor was Kim Cambell.
  • Awards

    Horatio Alger Award
    Brian Mulroney won the Horatio Alger Award for 2012. He won this award with Fairfax Financial shairman Prem Watsa.
  • Looking back

    Looking BackThis video goes through Brian Mulroney's timeline