Breast Cancer Journey

  • Found Lump

    Found Lump
    Just happened to feel a hard lump.
  • Visited my OB/GYN

    Visited my OB/GYN
    "It's probably benign, but I want you to get it checked out...tomorrow," he said.
  • Ultrasound/Mammogram/Biopsy

    After the intial ultrasound showed the tumor looking questionable (solid, unclear edges, and blood flow to it), the doctor on staff recommended a biopsy...the same day.
  • Diagnosis of Cancer

    Diagnosis of Cancer
    My OB/GYN called with the diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Since we were out of town, he recommended that I return that week to meet with the surgeon and "get the ball rolling."
  • Met with Surgeon. Had chest x-ray and bloodwork

    Met with Surgeon. Had chest x-ray and bloodwork
  • MRI

  • Met with surgeon

    Met with surgeon
    Pre-op instructions
  • First surgery

    First surgery
    Lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection (lymph nodes removed)
  • Lymph Node Involvement

    Lymph Node Involvement
    Found out only 1 of 13 lymph nodes removed in first surgery were malignant
  • Tough News

    Tough News
    Clear margins weren't obtained on the first surgery. Cancer was not all removed so a second surgery would have to be scheduled...all this news on Dan's birthday!
  • Appointments with oncologist and surgeon

    Appointments with oncologist and surgeon
  • Appointment with Surgeon

    Appointment with Surgeon
  • Second surgery

    Second surgery
    Better get all the cancer this time!
  • Period: to

    Time to Heal from Surgery

  • Start Physical Therapy

    Start Physical Therapy
  • Met with new doctor

    Met with new doctor
    He ordered further blood work and a PET/CT scan
  • PET/CT Scan

    PET/CT Scan
  • PET/CT scan results

    PET/CT scan results
    No further metastases found! Praise the Lord!
  • Appt @ Northwestern

    Appt @ Northwestern
  • Immune Recovery Clinic in Atlanta

    Immune Recovery Clinic in Atlanta
    Initial Consultation
  • Period: to

    In Atlanta

  • Start Chemo (IPT)

    Start Chemo (IPT)
  • Period: to

    Home for Thanksgiving

  • PET Scan

    PET Scan
  • Meet with surgeon at Northwestern

  • Surgery #3

    Surgery at Northwestern
  • MRI

  • Start Chemo

  • End Chemo