Breanna Dodd's Chp. 24 Timeline

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    Breanna Dodd Chapter 24 timeline

  • Manchurian Incident

    Manchurian Incident
    The Chinese army thought that the Japnese army had blew up a their railroad line, thenthe Japanese army started taking over cities in South of Manchuria.
  • Mussolini Conquers Ethiopia

    Mussolini Conquers Ethiopia
    Ethiopia was a Afrrican Kingdom. Italy went to Ethiopia and started a battle, at first Ethiopia was winning but then the Italians came back by using poision gas and war plaens making the empeor go to Europe.
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    Hitler met with the leaders from Britain and France to talk about giving up the sudetenland. They gave up the land to Hitler so he could annex on his own.
  • Madrid controlled by Franco

    Madrid controlled by Franco
    Franco led a rebellion also known at the Military Nationalists against liberal supporters. During the war Franco became dictator of the rebellion.
  • • Hitler (Germany) invades Poland, beginning WWII.

    •	Hitler (Germany) invades Poland, beginning WWII.
    Htler and his nazis invaded poland using the new bliztkerig technique. they used airpower, followe by tanks and artillery and finally ground troops to overwhelm Poland, but theycouldn't moblize their troops fast enough.