The breadwinner

Breadwinner Timeline

  • Poor Father

    Father's leg is injury; it is very hard for him to work. Everyday Parvana used to go with her father to the marketplace, where he worked. He read and wrote letters both in Pashtu and Dari.
  • Chased

    Parvana had to buy food for her family since she’s the one that has experience the outside world. Even if she’s a girl she has to do it. She only got to buy Nan because Taliban chased after her. She ran by this familiar woman carrying a child. This woman recognized Parvana. Parvana recognized the woman after a few minutes. The woman was her Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Weera. Parvana and Mrs. Weera ran straight home.
  • Disguise

    Mother announced that Parvana disguise herself as a boy. This way she could move in and out of the market and no one will stop you. Parvana's is now Kaseem. Her long hair is not short. Her burqa turned into shalwar kameez. Maryam didn’t recognized her sister, she laughed as she recognized her sister. Mother said “if anybody ask where you from, say you’re from Jalalabad and you’re staying with us.”
  • Mystery Woman

    Everyday a small gift is left on her blanket every time she's in the Market place. The woman gave her a smile and closed the painted window. One say Parvana heard a crying noise coming from the painted window.
  • A Familiar Tea Boy

    Parvana was sitting watching tea boys running. One of the boys tripped on something, Parvana helped and saw the tea boy's face. The tea boy's face was familiar, Parvana realize that the tea boy was from her class. Shauzia was her name, but she said to call her Shafiq. She's disguise as a boy like Parvana for her family.
  • Bonedigger

    Shauzia got some news to Parvana. A couple of tea boys heard of a way to earn lot of money. Shauzia knew that Parvana won’t like it, neither do she. Shauzia told Parvana, and she was right she didn’t like it. Parvana wasn’t sure it’s a good idea to dig up bones. She thought about her family. Next morning she left the house, she brought the blanket and her father's writing things. They gave all bones to the Bone Broker. They got their money and walked away from the Bone Breaker.
  • Hands Off

    Parvana and Shauzia found a stadium. They went inside and they thought it was a soccer game, the game hasn’t started yet. Shauzia said it was awfully quite for a soccer game. Men were brought into the field their hands tied behind their backs. A table was carried out by two Taliban. Men's arm was cut off. Blood in every direction. The Taliban’s announced that there’s men are thieves; this is how we punish thieves. The kind man told them to go home and remember better things.
  • A dream

    Shauzia is playing to leave Afghanistan. She'll stay until spring, she have enough money by then. She wishes to go to France. She got it all figured out. She got some information from her Father. Parvana and Shauzia planned that they will meet in France in twenty years later, on the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • A New Guest and Father Returns

    One day after work, she meets a runaway girl from Mazar-e-Sharif who is deeply upset. Parvana leads her home at night, and soon the girl, named Homa, tells them that Mazar-e-Sharif has been captured by the Taliban. Homa's family had been killed by the Taliban, and she had been extremely lucky to run away. Parvana's father returns home, being led by two kind men who found him released from jail. Father was sick for a few days. Mrs. Weera nursed him back to health.
  • Off to Mazar

    Parvana and her father leaving to Mazar, hidden in the back of a truck. They will search for their family in refugee camps.