Timeline created by Braeah Shea
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  • 1

    Merida (the princess) is very young and playing with her mom, and it's her birthday.
  • 2

    Merida was learning how to shoot an arrow.
  • 3

    Merida finds a whisp and chases after it, (a whisp is something that leads to to treasure or doom/they are in a lot of Scottish folktale)
  • 4

    After Merida followed the whisp out of the forest a huge bear came out and the dad and other people had to fight out the bear while Merida and her mom went back to the castle. Her dad ended up losing a leg.
  • 5

    Merida is complaining because her mom is super controling.
  • 6

    She loves to shoot her bow and arrow while riding her horse Angus. She is super talented she could be dzzy with her eyes closed and still get the arrow in the dead center.
  • 7

    Merida also has 3 little brothers that are triplets.
  • 8

    She also gets yelled at for having her bow on the table.
  • 9

    3 princes are going to the kingdom to try to hard the princesses hand in marriage. Even though Merida doesn't want to get married.
  • 10

    After her mom threw Meridas bow into the fire for kicking the suitors butts in archery, Merida runs away and then she encounteres whisp the lead her to a witches shop.
  • 11

    Then she makes a scetchy deal with the witch to chang her mom.
  • 12

    The spell was in a little cake that her mother eat then felt strange, after that she turned into a bear.
  • 13

    Because Merida's dad hates bears Merida has to help her mom sneak out of the castle.
  • 14

    After they had left the triplets ate the cake to and became bears
  • 15

    After the queen turned into a bear her and Merida went to the witches shop and she was not there she was gone , Merida freaked out and started pouring random potions into the pot thing. The spell will be permenent if Merida doesn't fix it by the second sunrise.
  • 16

    They both played in the river and caught fish
  • 17

    After the mom was done in the river she started to walk away, and of course Merida followed. As soon as Merida got close to her the mom turned around then beat instinces came out she went to claw her, but then she realized that it was Merida.
  • 18

    The whisps lead them to the abanded broken home of the evil prince that also turned in a bear that was also the bear who ripped her dads leg off.
  • 19

    Merida goes up and falls through the old bricks that used to hold up the castle, but while shes down there her mom is still above her, Merida also discovers the stone wall that had people on it from the previous kingdom there was 3 with one caught off the the one caught off was the evil prince who ruined everything. But Merida cut between her and her her mom Merida realized that she needs to fix it so their kingdom won't fall.
  • 20

    Little did Merida know that Mor`du (evil prince of the fallen kingdom) still lives down in there, she makes the connection that Mor`du is the evil bear and nearly dies but she Shot Mor`du in the neck with an arrow but it didn't do anything really, she ran and the evil beat tried to pounce on her but missed she climbed up the broken pieces of stone. As soon as she was up there she couldn't reach her moms claw. The same second she jumped Mor`du clawed he would've got her if she didn't jump.
  • 21

    Mor`du tried to get up and run after Merida and her mom, but her mom pushed a wall of stone on him. (ps sorry I couldn't find a picture to match the scene. )
  • 22

    Merida and her mom got caught by the king, and then he pulled out his sword but the queen escaped him and other men when after the bear(the mom). Merdia got locked in her room but she wasn't gonna give up her little brothers walk by and go retreive the key while she gets a needle, thread, and the tapestry. When she got out of her room she hoped on her horse Angus with the tapestry and all 3 of her brother that are also bears because they ate the cake. She was sewing and on a horse, & siblings.
  • 23

    After Merida's mom is trapping on the inside of Stonehendge, they tie down the bear with rope, and plan to kill her. Merida is on her ways she is almost there. As Merida is on her way she almost took a wrong turn but the whisps stop her and show her the right way, but the demon bear spots her. as soon as she gets there she stops her dad from killing her mother, she also kicks the other guys butts.
  • 24

    Not long after the demon bear shows up. the men go to fight Mor'du, but no luck so far he is just flinging them away. Merida shoots arrows at the beast but he knocks the bow out out her hand then he hovering above her/on top of her.
  • 25

    The mom heard Merida scream and over powered all of the men hold in her down with rope, she sent Mor'du flying of of Merida, then they got into a bear fight.
  • 26

    Mor'du bit the moms shoulder then threw her into the rock like a ragdoll, still goes after Merida again, the mom isn't done with him oh no as soon as he gets close Elinor(the mom) rips him back, he turned around to go fight back so when he was charging at the mom she went to a rock that was breaking from them fighting, last second she moved causing him to crash into the rock. When he ran into the rock the mom kept hitting him on the wall finally the rock broke crushing Mor'du. He is free.
  • 27

    After that Merida threw the tapestry on her mom they thought it wasn't gonna work but it did the queen is back, and Merida doesn't have to get married ever.