By medllin
  • Londoner John Chambers

    Londoner John Chambers
    Londoner John Chambers he invented the firsh 12 rules of boxing for protection of other boxers.
  • Jack Marks.

    Jack Marks.
    Jack Marks. was a dentist thas recomended the first fighter to us a mouth gard Lewis was the firs boxer to use it.
  • Jacob Golomb

    Jacob Golomb
    Jacob Golomb was the inventor of the boxing shorts ther for the fighter wont be that havy
  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali
    <a href='' Muhammad Ali was the firs african american in the spor of boxing having to be one off the greates of all time this.
  • Englishman Jack Broughton

    Englishman Jack Broughton
    Jack Broughton invented te gloves for boxing he
  • Oscar De La Hoya

    Oscar De La Hoya
    Oscar De La Hoya born February 4, 1973 in East Los Angeles, California Oscar best fight was against Manny Paquio de la hoya los t this mach
  • maromero Paez

    maromero Paez
    he was one of the bets fighter i know in my entire life besides manny paquiao
  • Miguel Cotto

    Miguel Cotto
    mighuel Cotto fight Manny Paquiao Manny won this fight but cotto still wanted to fight again as a remach
  • Manny Paquiao

    Manny Paquiao
    manny Paquiao was the best boxer i have ever known he was the fastes the better talk and the best philopin person that knows whtat is boxing
  • Mayorga

    mayorga got to fight with Cotto one of the good boxers that boxing has Mayorga and Cotto. Cotto wone the fight in the fifth round in the firs 53 seconds
  • Apollo

    <a href='' Apollo was the first person that invented boxing and having to fight for the firs time