bowden timeline

  • Jews expelled from choir clubs.

  • Jews not allowed to use beach in wannsee

    wannasee is a lake in berlin suburb.
  • jews not aallowed to write

  • Jews were not allowed to graduate.

  • Jews to add middle name of sarah or israel

  • jews cannot be selfenployed in any trade.

  • Jews to hand in driver license.

  • Jews not allowwed to take jewlry or other valuables when emigrating.

  • Jews have to turn in,platnum,pearls

  • Jews can be thrown out of thier homes without compensation and placed in appointed Jew homes

  • Jews last will and testament are no longer valid.

  • jews turn in radios.

  • Jews not eligible for clothing rations.

    Jews were not alowed to buy clothes with ration card
  • Jews allowed to shop only at 4pm and 5pm

  • Jews not allowed to use public libraries.

  • Jews no longer allowed to emigrate.

  • Jews can not use public telaphone.

  • Jews allowed to purchese newspapers or magazens.

  • Jewish home display jewish star

  • Jews not allowed to have pets.

  • Jews have to turn in electrical appliances, bikes, typewriters,and records.

  • Jews not to buy eggs with ration card.

  • Jewws cant but soap or shaving cream with ration cards.

  • Jews not allowed to go to school.

    Jews were not alowed to go to schools and jewish teachers were fired
  • First direct deportation to auschwitz.

  • Jews cant testafy aginst germans

  • Jews not allowed to buy books.

  • jews not allowed to leave thier homes after 8:oopm and 900 pm