Bosnian Genocide

  • Period: to

    Yugoslavia dissolves into member states

  • Bosnia declares independence. Serbs attack Bosnia.

  • Siege of Sarajevo Begins

  • U.S. and several other nations recognize Bosnia's independence. Serb Militants attack a peaceful protest, killing at least five and wounding thirty.

  • U.N. Security Council declares "safe areas" for bosnian muslims.

    Safe Areas: Sarajevo, Tulza, Bihac, Srebrenica, Zepa, Gorazde
  • NATO uses force for first time since founding. NATO pilots shoot down four Serbian fighter jets over central bosnia.

  • Bihac is bombed and shelled relentlessly. NATO "strikes back," bombing Serb-controlled airfields.

  • 1000th day of Siege of Sarajevo

  • U.N. tribunal charges 21 Serb commanders with genocide and crimes against humanity

  • CIA reports show that serps were responsible for 90% of "Ethnic Cleansing"