Bosnian Genocide

  • Marshal Tito for President

    Marshal Tito for President
    Josip Broz "Marshal" Tito becomes president of Yugoslavia, helping the country recover from the effects of WWII.
  • Tito Dies

    Tito Dies
    Marshal Tito dies. Ethnic tensions is Yugoslavia rise,
  • Milosevic

    Slobodan Milosevic comes to power, and rekindles ethnic hatred between the different sections of Yugoslavia.
  • Period: to

    Attack on Sarajevo

    The Serbs attacked Sarajevo, killing 8,000 Bosniak Muslims. (Ethnic Cleansing)
  • U.N Safe Zones

    The U.N creates safe zones, like Srebrenica. Bosnian Serb forces control 70% of Bosnia's territory.
  • Sarajevo Mortar

    Sarajevo marketplace is struck by a Serb mortar-shell, killing 68 and wounding nearly 200.
  • Srebrenica Massacre

    Srebrenica Massacre
    Bosnian Serbs take Srebrenica, killing over 8,000 Muslims.
  • Alliance

    Bosnian Muslims and Croats create an alliance.
  • New Bosnia

    A new map of Bosnia is created. Territories:
    Serbs = 49%
    Muslims = 29%
    Croats = 22%
  • Cease-Fire

    A cease-fire is reached,
  • Peace

    A formal peace agreement is reached, creating a democratic, multi-ethnic state.