Born To Rock

  • Introduction

    Leo Caraway is the president the Young Republicans Club in Conneticut. Leo describes the people he knows, such as Melinda, Owen, and Fleming. Leo states that he was destined to be a Harvard student, since he was a perfect student.Leo and Melinda have been friends since toddlers.
  • Period: to

    Before,beginning, and end of summer

  • Being Caught

    Being Caught
    Leo Caraway and his peer Owen Stevenson practice with each other at mathematics for their schools final exams. Leo dislikes Owen because he is refered as "gifted", and because of that, Owen is granted oppurtunities. However, Melinda forces Leo to do so, for Owen as a favor. In the week of the finals, Leo accidentally helps Owen in the test because he was struggling. The teacher Mr. Bowman falsely accuses Leo as a cheater, but Leo forcibly had to do it because Mr. Bowman dislikes Owen.
  • Discovery of Bio Father

    Atfer the testing, Leo discusses about his birth certificate with his parents. Leo discovers that his real father's name was Marion X. McMurphy, or better known as King Maggot, lead singer of Purge. Soon, a letter from Harvard arrives, stating that Leo was not accepted due to the cheating. Leo with Owen and Melinda go to a press conference at New York to meet Purge.
  • Meeting King Maggot and joining Purge

    Leo with his friends attend a press conference with Purge as the guest. Leo then exposes himself as King Maggots son. King Maggot then calls up Leo for proof that Leo really is Prince Maggot. King offers a job to Leo as a roadie for Purge to pay for Leo's tuition. Leo then prepares to go with Purge.
  • Graduation

    Leo then graduates, but is displeased about his rejection to Harvard. Then, Leo and his parents try to sqweeze money for Leo so that Leo doesn't have to go with Purge, but Leo refuses. Leo then goes to an office to meet the whole band. Leo, along with King and his brother Bernie discussed in a meeting to see if Leo was Prince Maggot. The results were going to show up in several weeks. In the meantime, Leo and Purge prepare for the "Concussed" festival.
  • First Punk Concert

    First Punk Concert
    Leo sleeps in by accident caused by one of Purge's band members, Cam, and is forced to fly to Las Vegas, and take a bus from there. Leo arrives to Los Angeles three hours late, but in the nick of time to arrive before Purge's performance. Leo was assigned to do a few small tasks and keep an eye on the band members when they perform. In the peak of Purge's debut, guitarist Neb Nezzer broke his crotch trying to do a scissor kick. Leo called the manager, Bernie, for help.
  • Concert at San Francisco

    Concert at San Francisco
    Purge then moves to Northward, with a new guitarist from another band named Pete. Bernie tells Leo to keep watch on Pete, to make sure nothing happens badly. Leo then had to pick Pete up and went to the gas station. When Leo was attempting to find Pete, Leo catches the guitarist sniffing cocaine and the wind blows the coke away, angering Pete in which he tried to puch Leo. However, Leo easily stops Pete and takes him back to a hotel. Leo then calls Bernie to talk about Pete.
  • Tour at Arizona

    Tour at Arizona
    Purge set off to go at Phoenix for the next concert tour. Leo was left behind again because Cam (band member) set Leo's alarm clock at the wrong time. Leo then had to take a taxi to Phoenix, but midway on the road, Leo bumped into Melinda and Owen as the were following Purge. Leo goes with them and Leo allowed Owen and Melinda a backstage pass to see Purge. A reporter accidentally touches King Maggot and King knocks the reporter out. King gets arrested, but no one worries since it happened alot.
  • Dog Problems

    After the show at Arizona, as well as the arrest, Purge goes to a night club in Denver. However, for Leo, it wasn't easy because drummer Max had a pet dog to take care of and because of that Leo had to take care of the dog. However the dog turns out missing and Leo needed assistance. Leo asks for King's help to find the poodle. After kidnapping a dog(ironically from a dog pound van) looking just like the poodle, the two storm back to the hotel, not knowing that the real pet was at the hotel.
  • The Truth about King Maggot

    The Truth about King Maggot
    Despite the irritation between Leo and King, both knew that they have had their first father-son moment. When they returned, they found the whole apartment trashed. As King left, Leo noticed that everything was just out of order. Leo got into a small dispute with Cam shortly, but Leo reached Melinda in order to keep her away from Bernie. As the coast was clear, Leo found the DNA test results . The results state that King Maggot was not Leo's bio-father; it was actually Bernie.
  • The Disband of Purge

    After the truth was know,, Leo stormed back to the hotel. However, King was there, and Leo was to nervous to tell King the truth. However, when Leo found the rest of Purge, him and Bernie had a small argument about the results. At the concert in Kansas City, Purge performed their songs. However, in the middle of the concert, everyone involved with Purge as well as the band, was arrested. Purge is now disbanded and King is left alone with Leo. Leo had the perfect chance, but he refused to tell.
  • Going Back to Connecticut

    After the disband, Leo decides to go back to Connecticut to fix up his record. Leo then goes back to his high school and tries to convince Mr. Bowman to fix up the mistake Leo did. Mr. Bowman continued to refuse, until King Maggot comes crashing into the building with his motorcycle. King attemps to force Mr. Bowman to clean up the record. As stubborn as he is, he STILL refuses. After that, King tells that no matter what, King shall help Leo in whatever way as a father.