Book Thief and Holocaust Timeline

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  • New Chancellor

    New Chancellor
    Adolf Hitler is appointed the new Chancellor of Germany
  • New Law

    New Law
    Law stripping East European Jewish immigrants of German citizenship.
  • Concentration camps open

    Concentration camps open
    Buchenwald Concentration camp opens
  • Hans meets Lisle

    Hans meets Lisle
    Hans meets Lisle and is kind to her it is also explained that he works as a painter and plays the accordion and the piano.
  • Hitler's Speech

    Hitler's Speech
    Hitler Gives his speech in Reichstag stating that "If war erupts it will mean the Vernichtung (extermination) of European Jews".
  • The Other Side of Sandpaper

    The Other Side of Sandpaper
    Hans reads the title The Grave Digger's Handbook. Lisle then becomes interested in the book. This leads to her writting her own book and Hans teaching her how to read.
  • World War II Begins

    World War II Begins
    Germany invades Poland and World War II begins
  • Book of Fire

    Book of Fire
    As Hans and Lisle are leaving the square he notices that her shirt is smoking and Lisle then has to show the book (Shoulder).
  • The Accordionist (The Secret Life of Hans Hubermann)

    The Accordionist (The Secret Life of Hans Hubermann)
    Hans is in the kitchen talking to Max, Max asks himif he still plays the accordion Hans says he does. Death then does a flashback and tells us how Max's dad was a friend of Hans when they fought in World War I.
  • Germany V.S The Soviets

    Germany V.S The Soviets
    Germany looks to take control of the Soviet Union with an invasion attack.
  • The Yelllow Star

    The Yelllow Star
    German Jews are required to wear the yellow star of David with the word Jude.
  • Death of Jews and more

    Death of Jews and more
    Chelmno (Kulmhof) extermination camp begins operations 340,000 Jews, 20,000 Poles, and Czechs were murdured from this time to April of 1943.
  • The Snowman

    The Snowman
    Max gets seriously sick, Rosa blames the snowman Hans states that its Hitler's doing. Later Lisle Rosa and Hans take shifts looking after Max.
  • Conflict

    Hans belives that max will die but Lisle he will going to survive he does.
  • Fresh Air, An Old Nightmare, and What To Do with A Jewish Corpse

    Fresh Air, An Old Nightmare, and What To Do with A Jewish Corpse
    Ilsa Hermann is in the libray witch is a problem for Rudy and Lisle who want to find a book so they have to wait for her to leave, she eventually does.
  • The Trilogy

    The Trilogy
    Ilsa sends a letter to Liesel stating she knows that she has been stealing her books but isn't mad about the whole thing in fact she happy. She says that next time come in like a costumer and she hopes they can be friends.
  • The Sound of Sirens

    The Sound of Sirens
    Hans and Rosa and Liesel go to a bomb shelter and they have to leave Max alone in the Basement.
  • The Long Walk to Dachau

    The Long Walk to Dachau
    Hans is helping a Jew by giving him bread they are both then beaten and whipped by a Nazi Soilder nearby.
  • The Collector

    The Collector
    Hans joins the LSE an Air Raid Special Unit, His job is doing the cleaning along with other men.
  • The Next Temptation

    The Next Temptation
    Ilsa says she enjoyed the book Liesel gave her, Liesel asked if this is her library Ilsa reponds and said that she use to read here with her son.
  • The Card Player

    The Card Player
    Hans is playing cards with some of the other LSE members, they are playing for cigars Hans loses and is very humble about it.
  • The Accident

    The Accident
    Hans Switches seats with Zucker the truck they were riding in crashes and Zucker is the only one that dies. Hans then states that it should have been him, he sustained a broken leg.
  • The end of the World Part 2

    The end of the World Part 2
    Hans and everybody else dies from the bombing except for Liesel.
  • Death March

    Death March
    Beginning of death march of approximately 40,000 Jews from Budapest and Austria.
  • Hitlers Death

    Hitlers Death
    Hitler commits suicide
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