Body's Response to Exercise

  • At the Start

    At the Start
  • 1 Minute into the Race

    Secondary muscles work to help the Primary muscles from getting too fatigued. Arteries are dilated to allow more blood and oxygen to the muscles. Muscles are rapidly flexing and extending, which creates friction that causes a burning sensation.
  • Halfway Through

    Halfway Through
    70% of the energy being made is being lost through heat. The heat activates the sweat glands and as she sweats, it evaporates cooling her down. The body is now using anaerobic respiration, for energy.
  • At the Finish

    Body begins to return to normal. Her heartrate decreases and she begins to feel dehydrated. Her breathing continues to be escalated to return oxygen to cells.
  • 10 Min After the Race

    The signs of dehydration sets in and the body needs to recover the water lost. Small microscopic tears cause inflammation and pain that slowly goes away.