BM2 Ritual

  • 5 BCE

    Beginning of Baptism

    John the Baptist:
    John was a man that began the ritual of baptism by taking people and pouring water over them in the river of Jordan. This was a symbol for the forgiveness of sin and he said that the next time they will be baptised will be with the Holy Spirit.
  • 30

    Meaning of the Ritual

    Baptism was more of a preparation for the heart. John the Baptist was declaring the coming of Christ, and calling for repentance before Christ would come to baptise them “with the Holy Spirit and with fire.”
  • 50

    The Great Commission

    Jesus told his disciples "go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." This is why baptism is a central part of the Christian faith.
  • 65

    1st Century Gnosticism

    Originally baptism had to take place in a body of flowing water, but later on Christians decided baptism be a way for asking for forgiveness. From here on, pouring water 3 times over the head was accepted as a ritual of baptism.
  • 200

    Infant Baptim

    During the second century infant baptism was introduced and it was believed to set the child on a righteous path in Jesus' name.
  • Baptist Movement

    In the 17th century the Reformation reached the Church of England and they all followed the sacraments and doctrine of Catholicism. John Smyth preached to the doctrine for adult baptism to be made for those who made a "confession to faith".
  • Baptism Debates

    Until today, baptism is a church sacrament that different religious groups disagree on. Some religions believe that only infants should be baptised, whereas others think only adults should be able to complete this sacrament.