Blues of Many A Bruise

By vfaraci
  • Negro Spirituals

    Negro Spirituals
    By this year, many African Americans had come together every Sunday to worship God and do their sing-alongs and play their inspiring, or heart pouring blues.
  • Period: to

    Era of Blues

  • W.C. Handy comes into town

    W.C. Handy comes into town
    Porclaimed "Father of the Blues", successful bandleader and songwriter comes into Beale Street from the Delta. Brought with him, the Blues, a style of music he discovered down South.
  • First memphis blues song

    W.C. Handy publishes composition "Memphis Blues"
  • Beale's Street

    Beale's Street
    Showcase for Jugs bands which played Ragtime, Blues, Humorous tunes, and popular among both Blacks and Whites.
  • Mamie Smith records "Crazy Blues"

    Mamie Smith records "Crazy Blues"
    Mamie Smith records "Crazy Blues" in New York. It was supposedly the first blues song ever recorded.
  • Job opportunities and their effect on blues

    Job opportunities and their effect on blues
    Many African Americans migrated to the northern states in search of guaranteed prosperous job opportunities. This led to the change in Blues that gave it a more non-upsetting feeling with a better jive.
  • Lead Belly

    Lead Belly
    Started making field recordings.
  • West Coast Blues

    West Coast Blues
    Jump Blues and Jazz originated.
  • Evolving

    Pubs and clubs were being shot down with the Blues players and they were playing aroound different areas to make money. They started making the "Blues" sound more put together.
  • Round out

    Round out
    Key Blues players were helping round out the real sound that Blues would ultimately take and contain throughout it's sustainment.
  • J.L.H. Classic

    "Boogie Chillen" was one of John Lee Hooker's hits of the year.
  • Memphis first on air

    Memphis first on air
    All Black format and on-air staff. Big deal for the time.
  • End of jump blues

    End of jump blues
    Jump Blues gets a kick in the rear from it's popularity and place in attention and ear sensational reactions. later on it has a comeback but is left to cool off for a bit.
  • British Blues

    British Blues
    British Blues had a mainstream moment in the decade.
  • Jump Blues Revival

    Jump Blues Revival
    Jump Blues hits a revival period in the 1980's by artists such as Joe Jackson and Brian Setzer.