black history timeline

  • amendment 13

    amendment 13
    the 13th amendment was approved in january 1865 in washington DC. this was issued to protect the rights of everyone.the leaders of this was president johnson. the results of this issue was that everyone is treated equal.
  • plessy vs. freguson

    plessy vs. freguson
    the plessy vs. ferguson issue took place in 1890 in new orleans the methods for ending this issue were having a hearing at the supream court.the leader in this situation was homer plessy. this resulting in an over ruling of the problem presented
  • wilmington riots

    wilmington riots
    the wilmington riots took place in wilmington north carolina. the methods for this issue were blacks protesting for rights. the leaders in this were the citizens of wilmington. as a result citizens were beat and some were kept incarserated
  • brown vs. board of education

    brown vs. board of education
    the brown vs. education issue took place in may 1954 in topeka kansass . the methods for solving this was taking it to the supream court. one of the leaders in this was linda brown. this resulting in intergrated schools
  • greensboro sit ins

    greensboro sit ins
    the greens boro sitins issue took place on february 1st 1960 in greens boro north carolina the methods for this was martain luther king speeking in raleigh north carolina. the leaders were the 4 students and martain luther king. the results were that the lunch counters are desegrigated.