Black Eyed Susan-Wainting for Normal

  • Conflict

    CONFLICT: the situation with her living arrangement and the agreement with her, her sisters, and her ex-step dad. This is important to the story because Addie's life was almost perfect with her mom and her two sisters. Then all of a sudden her parents got divorced. He and her sisters were forced to live apart. Then on top of all of that her mom isnt one of the most undersanding responsible parents. She wants to be with her sisters and her ex step dad but he isnt her biological father so she cant
  • Conflict

    live with him. She doesnt want to leave her mom though, because i mean thats her mom
  • Expostion Backround, Setting, Characters

    Expostion Backround, Setting, Characters
    Addie just moved to this trailer with her mom provided by her ex- step father, her mother doesnt like the trailer at all, but they kind of have no choice but to move there. Explanation: They have no choice because her mom wasnt responsible with the mortgage payments after Addie's step-dad and her split apart. She also didnt always watch her three children. her mom probably really doesnt want to live there because she feels like shes depending on her ex-husband. Which feels bad.
  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    Rising Action: She goes to the little store by her trailer. There she makes some new friends, Elliot and Soula they give her a pie and give her the 411 about where they live, and all the do's and don'ts. Explanation: this important to the story because Elliot and Soula will become some good long time friends. That help her through tough times and she'll do the same for them.
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    Rising Action: She's visited by her ex-step dad dwight and her half sisters. They go out to eat with the girls and her mom and dwight. Dwight promises that they'll try to visit every so often.
  • Rising Action3

    Rising Action3
    Rising Action: this time when Dwight comes he brings a present and bad news, he brings addy a hamster, but announce him and the girls will be moving because he has job in Lake George and theyll be there for while.
  • Rising Action4

    Rising Action4
    Rising Action: Addie tries out for an audition to be in a orchestra at her school. There she meets a jerk named Robert and a new friend, Helena. She plays the flute. The flute isn't her flute thought it belongs to her old school.
  • Rising Action5

    Rising Action5
    Rising Acton: Dwight and the girls bring addie a gift of cream and honey. They had got addie and cream and honey hamster, which she named piccolo. Also dwight and her mom talked for awhile.
  • Rising Action6

    Rising Action6
    Addie's mom goes for an job interview, but ends up going out with her boss. So instead of coming home after her "interview" she abandons her daught for days to be with her new boyfriend. Addie knew she couldnt tell anyone because they'd take her away from her mother.
  • Rising Action7

    Rising Action7
    Rising Action: Addie's mom fills the house with files and boxes and office supplies,announces she going out with pete, then doesnt even tell him the truth
  • Rising Action 8

    Rising Action 8
    Addie gets invited to spend thanksgiving with dwight hannah grandio, and the girls. Then she gets to go spend the night at dwight's house. She bonded with hannah and the girls through breakfast and paking and labeling boxes. At their house she over heard dwight and hannah talking about trying to get custody of her. She discovers that dwight tried to get custody but since she wasnt his biological daughter he couldnt get custody.
  • Climax

    CLIMAX: when addie over hears Dwight's and Hannah's conversation about Qwight tried to get custody of her and how they are going to try harder. This is important to the story because throughout the entire story addie has been waiting for normal. This could be her oppurtunity to having something at least close to normal. But she also doesnt want to leave her mother. Then there's the problem that her mom isnt the best mom. So she has a dilemma that her decision would not only effect her but others
  • Falling Action1

    Falling Action1
    Falling action: She returns home and thinks a lot about what she overheard. Then she becomes a woman(gets her cycle and her mo at first doesnt really notice then goes all pueberty crazy), and her mother gets her a innapropriate dress for her concert.
  • Falling Action2

    Falling Action2
    Falling Action: Addie's mom isnt on time to take addie to her concert, and everyone is counting on her. Dwight ends up coming to get her, but then she see's her old music teacher and cant go on because she owes her an instrument.
  • Falling Action2

    Falling Action2
    Falling Action: Addie, Dwight, Hannah, Mommers , and the girls go out for something to eat and mommers meets hannah and addy is really dissapointed and kind of angry at her mother.
  • Falling Action5

    Falling Action5
    Falling Action: Addie's mom tells her she is going to spend christmas break with Dwight and hannah and the girls. Explanation: Her mom doesnt really like this because now she’s feeling like her daughters want to spend more time with hannah this new figure in their lives instead of their own mother.
  • Falling Action3

    Falling Action3
    Falling Action: Addie's music teacher confronts her about what happened at the concert, and asked her if she wanted another flute but she refused. She didnt want to have responsibility for another flute that she couldnt assure she wouldnt be able to get it back. She told her mom and her mom insisted she have another.
  • Falling Action6

    Falling Action6
    Falling Action:Her mom leaves christmas eve and didnt return till the next morning. When she returned she brought with her 3 gifts, that she wrapped hastily only to speed up her christmas with her daughter. Then she announced that She's leaving for the rest of christmas, and SHE'S PREGNANT!!) Explanation: this is important to the story because from previous expiriences addie had to take care of her sisters whenher mother wasnt being a responsile parent. So she'd end up taking care of the baby
  • Falling Action6

    Falling Action6
    especially after her mom told her that he wasnt a family man. Then on top of all of that her mom tries to rush her christmas with the daughter she does have to go be with this guy who isnt interested in her children at all.
  • to lake george

    to lake george
    Addie's mom was still sleep when addie left to go to lake george. When she got there Dwight hannah and the girls had saved christmas for her.They didnt even open their presents yet.
  • Falling Action8

    Falling Action8
    It snowed alot in january and dwight wanted to know if when addie wanted to come over, but no buses were running and then she started crying because mommers hadnt been home thengrandio stopped by
  • Falling Action9

    Falling Action9
    Dwight stooped by and he gave addie a bank card he knew mommers wasnt always responsible then addie was mean to him so it wouldnt hurt so much to go live a happy life with them then know she had to come back with her mom.
  • Falling Action 10

    Falling Action 10
    Addie accidentally left a pan on the fire in the kitchen and started a kitchen fire. She burned the entire kitchen down. Then soula called youth and family services they took her from her mom to grandio's house.
  • Falling Actio11

    Falling Actio11
    Grandio let addie go get piccolo she left piccolo with soula when the youth and family services came to get her. When she got there elliot had told her soula died. It was so sad because soula had been so good to her she even left addie 3 hundred dollars to get a new flute.
  • Falling Action12

    Falling Action12
    Addie's mom violated the rules and came to see addie anyway grandio didnt want her to but he let her. They had a talk about normal and how'd they get there one day. Then addie had a talk with the youth and family services about where she wanted to live.
  • Resoulution

    Dwight and hannah got to adopt addie. They have been working with Grandio and The youth anf family services and they approved it. Addie was so happy. She got to finish out the school year then her and piccolo got to move with dwight hannah and the girl everyone was so happy.