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  • Birth of Bjork

    Birth of Bjork
    The birth of the mother of music.
  • Music child

    Music child
    Bjork attended elementary school in which she studied classical piano, flute, and Voice. Her instructer sent a recording of her singing "I love to Love" to Iceland's only radiostation at the time.
  • Bjork's Real Debut

    Bjork's Real Debut
    A year after Bjork's radio recording came to Iceland's ears, she had her first actual album, self-titled " Bjork."
  • Bjork's first band

    Tappi Tikarrass was Bjork's first serious band that she joined.
  • Bjork's second project

    After she left Tappi Tikarrass, Bjork joined a band called K.U.K.L
    for another short while.
  • Birth of the offspring

    According to the bands ledgend,Bjork gave birth to her son Sindri( the son of Thor Eldon) on the same day she joined The Sugarcubes
  • The first spark

    After Bjork left K.U.K.L, some of the band members (including her) made another band called The Sugarcubes. They were the most famous band in Iceland
  • Bjorks new debut

    After Bjork left the Sugarcubes to pursue a solo-career, she named her solo album "Debut". She was ashamed of her first album "Bjork" because it wasn't her work.
  • Her first musical

    Bjork acted and directed in the movie " Dancer in the Dark." She wrote the songs of the movie and had the privelage to make the sound of it.
  • Drawing Restraint 9

    This was Bjorks 3rd movie in which she met her 2nd husband Martthew Barney and has a child with.
  • Biophillia

    This is Bjork's newest album. It consits of scientific titles and lyrics and scientific sounds as well.
  • The future

    Who knows where Bjork's music will lead people and how it will explore music even more?