birth year

  • starship troopers

    starship troopers was released on the 1st day of 1997
  • Period: to

    my year

  • colonel tom parker's death

    colonel tom parker died today who was elvis presleys manager he died at 87 years of age
  • total lunar eclipse

    March the 8th of 1997 a total lunar eclipse occurred
  • biggie small's death

    biggie smalls AKA the notorious BIG died
  • speed 2

    in june 1997 speed 2 cruise control was released
  • face/off

    face/off was released on the 27th of june 1997
  • james bond golden eye released

    august 25 James bonds golden eye was released.
  • final fantasy VII released on the playstation 1 today

    On September the 7th final fantasy vii on the playstation 1
  • first test flight of the F-22 raptor

    On September the 7th the first test flight of the f-22 raptor
  • leonard maguire died

    leonard maguire died today
  • first ever supersonic land speed record is set

    On october the 15th the first ever supersonic land speed record is set by the thrustSSC team from the UK.
  • the jackal

    The movie the Jackal staring bruce willis was released on the 14th of november 1997
  • Scream 2

    on December 12, 1997 scream 2 was released